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Size Doesn’t Matter!
November 15, 2007, 7:33 am
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By the time you read this, I’ll be in China and because my blog [well, all WordPress blogs] is banned there, I’ve pre-written my posts for the rest of the week because I know how you’ll all cry if you don’t get to see something new each and every day.  Ahem!

Anyway last weekend I popped into a local Singaporean coffee shop, Spinelli’s and ordered a large latte for me and a medium latte for Jill.

Now you wouldn’t think that is worthy of a blog post [is anything I write?] however that was until I received the coffee …

Spot the difference

Now both these mugs are the same in circumference which means the difference between medium and large is about .5cm.

If only everything in life was like that eh!

Seriously, this is madness and the scary thing [for Spinelli’s] is that It demonstrates how BAD value a large coffee at that establishment is.

From now on I’ll only ever order a medium because the price difference is way over-the-odds for the increased amount of coffee volume that you receive.

Maybe someone should explain to them the Macca’s sizing policy … where trading up represents [at least in perception terms] BETTER value for the customer, not worse.

Mind you, there’s a great book called ‘WHY I HATE FLYING‘ that encourages people to never buy a Business and/or 1st class seat because like Spinelli’s, he says it represents terrible value for money … but then maybe the author, Henry Mintzberg, has never tried flying from London to Singapore on Qantas!!

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a post about the volume of coffee. its official, its a new fucking low on this blog. i cant wait to read the other posts youve “pre written” if theyre as interesting as this.

there are just 2 things ive got out of this post, you spent work time writing some blog shit and didnt even make it interesting and you cant access your blog in china so i can call you a 4 eyed, technology loving fucking sad bastard loser and you wont find out till much later.

result 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Is this subliminal messaging Campbell style?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I’m in China tomorrow Robert. How long are you there for?

Lets cause some mild panic by catching up for a dinner the boys aren’t invited to.

I’ll call Katerina for your details.

Comment by Lee Hill

It worries me that he can access my blog in China. Maybe it’s so dull it’s safe…

Comment by NP

Still waiting for something new! Now if you’d discuss their choice of colours and size and its cultural context then we’d all be rapt.

I’m in Chinatown this afternoon.

Comment by John

so from now on ill review creative by saying “thats as dull as nps blog which even the chinese cant be fucked banning. do it again”

youre going to be very fucking popular in my office today np, im in a foul mood and ready to ruin dreams.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s right,a bastion as mediocrity.That’s me.

Comment by NP

truth hurts

Comment by andy@cynic

it can also be very liberating

“I’m not popular enough to be different.” –Homer Simpson

Comment by niko

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