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She Likes A Good Banging …
November 12, 2007, 7:53 am
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Some people are saying this has been inspired by the Cadbury’s Gorilla ad because it uses the same Phil ‘I Divorced My Wife By Fax‘ Collins song … however I think it’s quite different because whereas Cadbury’s used one of the most post-rationalised justifications in history, this spot actually has some relevance to the product it is selling.

Well it does if you are a female percussionists, ha!  Enjoy.

[Especially you, Mr Dodds! 🙂 ]

If the clip isn’t working, you can see it by clicking here.

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i dont know about dodds, but i fucking enjoyed this. so much for your sex being the lowest common denominator for ads, campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

what i also love about this viral is that it makes the cadbury ad look even more like the biggest pile of shite! ha!

Comment by lauren

Is this an ad with sex in it Andy? Your comment say’s more about you than I could ever of hoped 🙂

Comment by Rob

I love this so much more.

Comment by Angus

Outstanding paradiddles!

Comment by John

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