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October 30, 2007, 7:10 am
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I Voted  (I think)

I am genuinely shocked anyone comes to this blog and yet somehow, quite a lot of people do … sooooooooo I thought I’d take a moment to encourage anyone who hasn’t yet signed to go over to GIVE-ROB-A-JOB and ‘do the right thing’.

I personally find it outrageous this man hasn’t been hired yet – and while I know it will happen, I’m hoping the industry will get off their collective arses once they’ve seen how many others believe in him.

[Promote it on blogs … put it on noticeboards … tell friends … cynic got almost 200,000 people sign their Boringe petition so this still has masses of potential left in it]

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I pretty much forgot about this! Thanks 😀

Did I say something inspiring to remind you of it?!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You’re smart … you keep this blog on track … you’re passionate about communication … you know ‘stuff’ … it is the first technological thing Andy ever did [well, he got Stevie, our IT guy to do it, but still … ] YOU SHOULD BE IN ADVERTISING!

Comment by Rob

Maybe I should just include these quotes in the graduate applications i’m working on!

Thanks though!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

This is fucking bullshit, Rob M. You should move to Aus. They are screaming for good planners here.

Comment by Age

here here to that, hell, they’ll even let me in on the planning game!

Comment by lauren

whoa, did i miss something Lauren?!?!

Comment by Age

Rob. You’d move to London right?

Comment by Charles Frith


Charles: Absolutely, I think moving is pretty much a certainty to get into planning!

Age: I shall have to look into it 🙂

Lauren: Have you joined the dark side?!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

no, i’m still a jedi knight, according to the last census.

Comment by lauren

You know, I genuinely believe that..!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I gave you a big rap today Lauren … don’t think you’re Jedi status is so secure 🙂

Comment by Rob

oh shit…

Comment by lauren

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