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The Best Detective Double Act Since …
October 29, 2007, 1:33 pm
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Starsky & Hutch  on Southport Beach?

Starsky and Hutch?

Bodie and Doyle?

Cagney and Lacey?

Reg and Tony [from The Bill]?

Dempsey and Makepiece?

A big ‘well done’ to Age and Rude Girl [though her language has massively improved [or not, as the case may be] since she got back to Melbourne] who worked tirelessly trying to track down a terrible crime that was going on in Melbourne.

What am I going on about?

Well remember my post about the stupid cafe/bar sign I saw recently?

Well they found it.That’s it. Nothing more.

Hell, they didn’t even manage to find out what the owner meant by his/her grammatical rubbish.

What a waste of time … abit like this post which has to be the most pointless one in Blog history

Till tomorrow’s …

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while i would love to take credit for such detective work, it was actually all age – i just posed for the pic. ha!
seeing as it was closed on a sunday, we didn’t get the chance to find out what the fuck live wine was or to check the pulse of the staff. but you’ll hear about it when we do, believe me.

Comment by lauren

ha! This is by far the most pointless post on this blog ever! But to clarify further… i was having a lovely evening with a friend on Friday night and we decided it would be nice to walk home from the CBD (kinda drunk).

I walked across the street and noticed the sign and got all excited. My friend thought I was a spaz when I tried to explain the concept of LIVE Staff to her… I think through a cloud of Bourbon it went kinda like…

Me: “Poster! LIVE everything! How!?!? Staff what? How wine how!? See it? Stupid! Rob saw it too!! Singapore blog, yeah LIVE Wine.”

Her: “Huh?”

And then I gave up trying to convince her how amazing it was that I stumbled across it. I had to show Lauren that Sunday, she’d understand me!

Comment by Age

You forgot:
Danny Wilde & Lord Brett Sinclair.
Mike Hammer.

Comment by Seb

Thanks for that clarification Age and your input Seb, makes my day worthwhile, Ha!

Comment by Rob

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