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Spoilt By Our Past …
October 26, 2007, 9:54 am
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I have always believed society swings from being disproportionately influenced by media to media being disproportionately influenced by society … so one of the things I’ve been religiously doing since way before televisions were even invented [ahem] is expose myself to as much ‘communication’ as possible.

Films … television … internet … magazines … newspapers … games … books … you name it, I consume, consume, consumer … however there’s not much point in doing this if all you do is experience the popular [though that is obviously highly important] so there are a couple of things I always try to do …

1 Read a totally new magazine title each month [You’d be surprised how many things are in there that can spark your brain]

2 Continually read counterpoints to the same issue. [Be it opposing newspapers to opposing documentaries – it’s amazing how quickly you can get a basic understanding of the big [and small] issues causing the central conflict]

Of course there’s loads of other stuff [the cynic boys ‘Eat Your Words’ and ‘Freaks Of Nature’ get-togethers are especially brilliant] however the point to all this is that more often than not, I come across a real hidden gem … not just interms of information or insight or viewpoints or ideas, but interms of being introduced to a person/group that deeply affects me for totally wonderful and beautiful reasons.

Anyway, last night one of those occasions happened and it was all because I watched a documentary on this mob …

New york dolls

Let me start by saying I never liked the New York Dolls.

As much as I am a lover of rock music, they were just too much of a shambles for me … and the only reason I ended up buying the doco of their reunion gig was because I found it fascinating their bassist, Arthur “Killer” Kane. had become a Mormon. I won’t go into the details of the film, but I do urge everyone to find a copy and watch it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the music [I still think they’re chaotic] … it doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are/were … I am pretty sure you’ll be left with a feeling of real joy and warmth despite following the downward spiral of an individual who got too much, way too young.

For a story with an inevitable end, everyone comes out of it positively …

The delightful old ladies who work with Arthur at the Library and look like they’ve just come out of a David Lynch movie … the Mormon Church [who I have new found respect for – or at least for the individuals of the Mormon Church who helped Arthur, despite it potentially going against many of their beliefs] … The New York Dolls … Morrissey [who was behind their reunion gig] … [Sir] Bob Geldoff … Chrissie Hynde and of course the ever delightful, gentle, vulnerable, sensitive ‘Arthur’. 

This is not a story about rock music, it’s a story about hope, love, compassion, friendship and humanity and I hope you are all as touched by it as I was.

[If you do see it, watch out for the little glint of unbridled happiness in Arthur’s eyes when the Dolls lead singer, David Johansen, walks in on the rehearsal for the first time and their eyes connect after years of believing there was nothing there but anger. It is a wonderful demonstration of how we all need to feel love, respect and connection. I could go on, but I don’t want to sound like Gwyneth Paltrow … watch it, it’ll remind you we’re all like when you strip away the delusion and illusion]

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You are a senstive soul Mr Campbell and god bless you for that. I’ll hunt it out tomorrow.

Comment by Pete

thats twice youve fucking been nice about morrissey, are you going through a mid life crisis or just developing some taste?
youre a sentimental fucker campbell but i guess thats what makes you such a special bloke.
this “nice” thing is quite confronting, can i go back to being a nasty little fuck please? what do you say boring, mummy george, will you allow it?

Comment by andy@cynic

you never liked the new york dolls??!! actually, that doesn’t surprise me, given your taste in queen, the scorpions and mika.
unsurprisingly, i do like the new york dolls and will check this doco out. and maybe i’ll also rent ‘home alone’ while i’m there 🙂

Comment by lauren

I’m going to tell George on you Lauren – you’re not following his ‘rules’, haha!

You’ll love the doco, for reasons you never thought you would.

Comment by Rob

This is fucking freaky, first you talk about “Z channel” then this. Should I be impressed or fucking devastated? Not sure but this doco is a beautiful, heart warming tragedy and everyone should see it.
Dolls rock.

Comment by Billy Whizz

that IS me following george’s rules… 😉

Comment by lauren

You’ll be telling me you don’t like the Ramones next…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I don’t like the Ramones.

Comment by Seb

Gabba gabba halo?

Comment by John

Im almost upset that good people can not like the Ramones… as long as you don’t like Celine Dion or Whitney Houston though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

By the way I can’t believe that there is a folder with the image of Garfield on your desktop saying “Rob’s Records”…oh boy…but in some way it might be a statement about the music in this folder.

Comment by Seb

I don’t like the Ramones.
I don’t like Celine Dion.
I don’t like the New York Dolls.
I don’t like Whitney Houston.

But I honestly love the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
They are the greatest men that ever put a foot step on the surface of Rock music. Oh an oasis, of course.

Comment by Seb

Oh and the Scorpions.

Comment by Seb

I hope thats pre-Be Here Now Oasis only…

Rock You Like a Hurricane is on the demo for Guitar Hero III. My Rob C impression is getting good.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Maybe we should start Guitar Hero III Singing? Evolve Marcus’ genius idea another stage? Except this time, you HAVE TO start Mr M – no more chickening out.

And Seb, I have icons like you wouldn’t believe – Lesbian Tennis is a particular fave which Andy once took great pleasure in pointing out. In a meeting. With clients present. Of which one was a lesbian.

Oh and for what it is worth, I DO like the Ramones, I hate Whitney Houston and still think Love/Hate were seriously underated.

Happy now? Haha!

Have a toptastic weekend all …

Comment by Rob

john, please don’t do that again – that was bad.
i don’t know how guitar hero III singing might work, but i’m up for that!! i love guitar hero…

Comment by lauren

Nothing in this universe will convince me that the Stereophonics have any merit whatsoever

Comment by np

are those stereofuckers welsh? explains it all then doesnt it np.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hmm. I might just… will have to have a practice though as i’m rusty at the moment!

Good point NP. Stereophonics are the second most dire indie band of recent times after Travis.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Media consumption is something I feel quite positive about. I consume all media as a matter of course, an addiction if you like but one I like and one that stands me in good stead. So for media I am a consumer.

But consumption of finite resources, and food and fmcg, instead of ideas expressed through media is a bit different. Maybe I’m splitting hairs….

…..But I’ve got more to split than you and Doddsy put together Ha 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

my appreciation of charles goes up every time he makes a comment 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

thanks andy. Cant wait to hook up with you guys.

Comment by charles frith

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