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Age Is A Mindset …
September 25, 2007, 7:00 am
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When I got back from my honeymoon, I promised that would be the end of my ‘Just Married’ posts – however we’ve just got back our official wedding photos and one of them features the best pic of my Mum I’ve ever seen.

While I am sure she’ll not like it – us Campbell’s are not big fans of our own photos – what I adore is that apart from looking tops and ready to take a photo with the latest in digital camera technology [she is the most techno-savvy pensioner in the World!] she has the facial expression of someone truly enthralled, excited and alive.

Look at those eyes … look at that smile … look at that body language … she’s got more energy bursting out of her [nearly] 75 year old bones than I could ever hope to achieve even if I spent 9 weeks consuming copious amounts of Red Bull!!!

OK … so one level it’s a bit disappointing she’s like that for the ‘Diet coke fountain with dry ice’ as opposed to the actual ceremony of her only child getting married [ha] … but quite frankly, seeing her like that is the best present I could ever receive.

My Mum has been – and continues to be – a total rock in my life.

She is one of the most magnificent human beings I – and a lot of my friends – have ever had the privilege of knowing and the fact she’s my Mum makes it even better. 

There’s been times when I’ve felt I’ve not been as good a son as she deserves … and even though I’ve never wanted to do anything that would upset her, I know I occasionally have … so it’s nice to know that even at age 37, I can still make her feel unbelievable joy and happiness – and getting married to Jill was definitely one of those times.

The thing is, my Mum hasn’t exactly had the easiest of lives – and I’m not talking about the fact of having me as her son – and yet she continues to go about life with a sense of positivity, empathy and desire that is nothing short of breathtaking.

She never complains, is always hungry to learn more [from Technology to Art to Politics to the Russian language – hopefully those last 2 aren’t inherently linked, ha] and, much to my annoyance, rarely puts herself first … she is just one of the most genuinely good people in the World and I’ll never forget how lucky I am to have her as one of my parents.

This photo encapsulates everything I love about my Mum … excited about life, interested in new things, funny, happy, inquisitive, beautiful – a young woman in slightly older skin … and I’m ecstatic it was taken at such an important event in all our lives.

Thanks Mum. For everything. I love you.

[PS: I also love the fact that on the far right of the pic you see Fred’s head – which is so similar to mine, the photo looks like it’s a mirror image. Poor bastard, fancy being mistaken for me – and yet even his daughter has made that grave mistake once, ha!]

[PS2: All the important women in my life are ill at the moment – so I hope they get better soon and I hope it has nothing to do with me, ha!]

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Very touching post, Rob. I admire the way you express your emotions, never hiding behind any bullshit, just honesty. It’s a great trait and I assume something that’s been passed down from your mum and dad. I’m sure they’ve said just as nice things about you.

Comment by Age

youre a soppy fucker campbell, but youre talking about mrs c so i understand why.
mrs c for pm if you ask me

Comment by andy@cynic

PM? I hope you mean Prime Minister or I will be punching you in the throat, 🙂

Comment by Rob

Hurrah for Mrs C 🙂

Comment by Rob Mortimer

She looks very proud, and very happy.
And it’s lovely when someone posts from the heart.

Comment by NP

But I worry about the fact you seem to have cloned yourself.

Comment by NP

My dear Robert
I thank you for the far-too-nice things you say about me, BUT not for showing ‘that’ photo!
At your wedding I felt completely happy and I am so delighted that beautiful, bright Jill is my daughter-in-law. Much love to you both. xxx

Comment by Fiorella Campbell

No Campbell likes their own photo Mum which is why you can’t see how brilliant you look in it.

Love you!

Comment by Robert

oh my god, this is such a gorgeous post! mrs c – rob’s right, you rock. torino says ciao.

Comment by lauren

Mrs Campbell you look fantastic.

Comment by Pete

Looking lovely Mrs Campbell.

Comment by The Kaiser

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