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Brian Stops Being Invisible And Becomes Human 2 …
September 18, 2007, 6:00 am
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Silent Time

I’ve just found out that Brian [the man who was the inspiration behind me getting off my arse and starting human_2] has just moved into his first ever home. 

This is a massive thing .. a massive thing .. and I’m so bloody proud and happy for him.

Brian has suffered more pain and suffering than most of us could ever comprehend, let alone cope with … so to hear he’s taking back control of his life is the best news in the World and reinforces how a little bit of help can go a hell of a long way.

According to his boss [who also deserves massive praise for reasons I won’t go into here!], Brian is growing in confidence each and every day and apart from always wanting to work hard and do his best, he’s happy because he feels he’s fulfilling his promise to his [now deceased] Mum.

This is a guy who society chucked out for reasons beyond his control … a beautiful, warm, loving, caring, polite  guy … and I don’t mind admitting I was very emotional when I heard how well he was doing.

I did so little … literally so little … but it was enough to help him help himself to a better future and that is why human_2 is so bloody important.

So what’s happening with all that?

Well to be honest, it’s progressing far too slowly for my liking … some red tape issues, some waiting on meetings issues and the little fact I’m based in Asia when I am trying to make this happen in the UK … however it is all progressing and I hope to be able to update you with some real news very soon.

Saying all that, there’s alot of Brian’s out there so don’t wait for me … a little help can go a long, long way. 

Please try. Thank you.

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i take back what i said to mortimer yesterday, this is the happiest ive been in the past couple of weeks. i raise a glass to brian and even to you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

What Andy said.

If I can help with any of the red tape issues, please let me know, this is a massive issue where any help is good help and I am thinking I should try and start a similar thing on this side of the World. The fact the richest country in the World has so many poor offends me to my core.

It’s great to have you back Rob and I can’t wait to hear all your news because learning you got married was one of the biggest shocks of my year 🙂

Comment by Pete

I hope Brian gets to feel the obvious pride you have for him Rob. Well done, onwards and upwards.

Comment by George

Congratulations Brian and to you Robert because the contribution you made has led to a big difference in how his life is turning out. Looking forward to the human2 update.
Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

Hi Robert, can we talk about this whole concept when you next are in town?
Well done on the marriage by the way, we have a small gift for you both and its more than just a record voucher.

Comment by Lee Hill

I raise my coffee cup to Brian and Rob until I’m out of the office and can get my hands on something more appropriate.

When I hear things like this I sense hope. And I second George’s comment – Brian deserves it!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I’m not being modest here – but I did basically sod all, I just helped a lovely guy by moving a couple of small obstacles that stood in the way of him taking back control of his life.

Saying that, I am ecstatic to hear how he is going and it certainly gives me more satisfaction and pride than most things adland can – or has – ever offered me.

Lee, I am probably coming over in a couple of weeks, I’ll get the boys to organise a time – definitely would be interested in hearing what you think / what you want to do / how you could or want to help.

Comment by Rob

That’s great news. Congratulations Brian.

Rob, it’s a great reminder how much of a difference one person can make to another person’s life; just by opening our eyes to what is happening around us and taking action.

Comment by Jade

This is excellent news.

Comment by Marcus

Brilliant, just brilliant. 🙂

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I raise my mug of yorkshire tea to you. well played

Comment by NP

You might be a fucking annoying person Rob but you’re a good guy sometimes. Hope many others get to their lives back thanks to Brian’s impact on Rob.

Comment by Billy Whizz

this is fucking brilliant news! having lived out of a pack for the last couple of weeks and moving from place to place without a sense of place, except the crap on my back (which is still really quite a high-class luxury, to be fair), i kept thinking about brian and the human_2 thang and how easy the feeling of being demoralised can appear. i’m stoked that there has been a shift and a solution to brian’s situation and i look forward to hearing how he and the human_2 thing keeps going.

Comment by lauren

Superb news. Where is human_2’s headquarters?? Can people get involved?? I lost track after the long thread of different ideas that and would love to be involved.

Comment by Angus

Hi Angus – it’s great news isn’t it. Only one person but shows how little things can make big impacts. Currently we’re sorting out human_2 from our US and Singapore offices [hence the frustrations], but we hope to create a specific ‘home’ for it when we [fingers crossed] open our UK office in the next few months.

There is another option we’re exploring but I can’t say any more on that at the moment as it involves another company and it wouldn’t be fair to put them on the spot.

Interms of how you can help … watch this space but in the meantime, just talk to some homeless people when they talk to you – being treated like a human being is half the battle for them!

Comment by Robert

I always talk to homeless people Rob. I have two that I stop and have a regular coffee with too. For my benefit, actually – I learn a lot from those guys.

Keep me posted then as I’d love to get involved.

Exciting news about the UK office! Let me know if you fly by while organising it all.

Comment by Angus

You are a top person then Ms Angus – despite knowing Mr Jones, ha!

Will let you know what happens with the UK [dependent on 2 nice clients agreeing to pay for it all, hahaha] but where abouts are you these days???

Comment by Robert

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