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Hand Made Food …
July 26, 2007, 4:40 pm
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So Jill went out to lunch with some colleagues and while they were eating noodle soup, one of them started chewing wildly.

After getting no where, her colleague reached into her mouth to pull out the offending item and found this …

13th February 2007

Yep … a chewed up USED PLASTER!!!

Now here is where the Asian mentality shines through.

Whereas most Westerners would probably be sick, scream, sue … or at the very least demand a new bowl of soup … the woman in question [a Singaporean] just asked for a free desert. Amazing!

That’s almost as disgusting as the time I was with a friends workmates and slowly realised the bar snacks I was eating were actually the stones from the olives they’d be shoving down their throat all afternoon.

Instead of screaming and being sick … I calmly announced I had to ‘nip to the loo’ and then spent the next 10 minutes pouring boiling hot water into my mouth! 

Damn me and my shitty eyesight!

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and Ew.

Good job I didnt mention the dirty fork…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

😀 😀


Comment by Will

Dirty fork?

Comment by Robert

Monty Python sketch.
Go to You Tube…laugh…remember 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Classic … and thanks for explaining what you meant – I know I wrote a ‘Subliminal Post’, but I’m not very good with ‘Subliminal Comments’, ha!

Comment by Rob

No problem!
Will and me could go for hours on simpson quotes…

(Worst comment EVER)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh, I can do Python as well. Just don’t get me started on Garth Marenghi or Peep Show. You’d have to shut off blog commenting. 🙂

Oh – and ‘Good job I didn’t say anything about the spoon’. 😉

Comment by Will

Ive not seen much of Peep show or Darkplace, though what I have seen is genius.

But Simpsons, Monty Phython, Father Ted, Red Dwarf and much of Family Guy…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You’ve been at the toilet duck again, haven’t you?

Comment by Will

i’m so glad i scrolled down and continued to read this post, because when i read the first paragraph, i initially thought jill’s friend found a fucking finger in her food! if that happened and she just asked for a free desert, i’d be cancelling my stopover in singapore!!

Comment by lauren

Don’t worry Lauren – when you’re here we’ll take you to an ‘additives’ free food court!

Comment by Rob

And Rob M … for God’s sake watch PEEP SHOW, it’s amazing – especially the first 2 seasons

Comment by Rob

Dear Rob, my “colleague” who wishes to remain anonymous, would like to say that it wasn’t noodle soup, and the offending plaster was, unfortunately, very well camoflaged amongst the fish cakes she was eating…. so – the moral of the story is, don’t eat Bandaid coloured food, cos you never know what could be hiding in amongst the beige bits of your lunch…

Comment by Jill

Thank you for your culinary advice there Jilly – but the fact it WASN’T soup makes the whole epidode a whole lot darker and uglier and to be honest, more alarming that a desert sufficed for compensation.

I’ll remember your advice about ‘beige food’ next time you serve me some slop, ha! [I am joking, you serve me fantastic, glorious, nutrituous and tasty slop!]

Comment by Rob

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