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Begging For Forgiveness …
July 25, 2007, 12:32 pm
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I have got about 50 emails in my inbox that I have been ignoring for the last couple of days – mainly because I am preoccupied with stuff and want to answer them properly as opposed to bashing out a 2 word reply.

So apologies for being such a slack shit … especially to Roop and Rachel who I think needed a response ASAP and Charles, who I’ve been especially slack to … but I promise I’ll get back to you all in the next day or two.

PS: Lauren: your email made me very happy and given I’ve only slept 2 hours, that’s a bloody massive achievement!

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glad to hear it, and well done. hope you get at least some rest tonight.

Comment by lauren

morning. haven’t been round here for quite some time. have voted my post of the month and just wanted to say hello. back somewhen. never thought british government would be that bureaucratic.
trying to get my NIN right now. all you people born in the UK be bloody thankful that you get it automatically with your birth.
“I would like to make an appointment for NIN interview.”
“we can’t give you an appointment when you’re not in the UK.”
“but I would come to London for that interview.”
“then give us a call when you’re there.”


Comment by Seb


Comment by Seb

You should take it personally Seb because they’re especially bad against the Krauts – it’s their attempt to show some smugness given they won the war [twice] yet somehow have made the country look and act as if it is under daily attack from the Hunn.

Lovely to have you back though – still happy?

[And Lauren – I came home at 3pm – I’ll be almost normal by tomorrow. God help you, ha!]

Comment by Rob

I assume you mean National Insurance Number, not Nine Inch Nails Seb…

Isnt normal Rob ABnormal Rob? If so, hurrah!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’m confused – but then I am very tired!

Comment by Rob

Yes, Rob. It actually was about getting a National Insurance Number. I think getting an interview with the Nine Inch Nails (or what’s left) would be bloody easier. Though it’s really strange that they can’t give me an appointment when not being in the UK at the date of the phone call, but I am allowed to work without NIN. Huh?
And I am in a state of worried happiness. Worried about leaving my girlfriend in Hamburg, NIN, finding a room and money. Happy about working for WK, living in London with so many great people (hello Lauren, Nina, Anni, Will, Rob, Charles, Dan, Paul…) and meeting all of them. Ha. Now I only need to meet you, Rob. But you’re always far away so close (uh, U2), you bloody cosmopolitan.

Comment by Seb

Yes. Welcome Seb. I’m convinced this is going to be a terrific part of your life. I see huge growth.

Comment by Charles Frith

Seb … as much as what you’re doing is painful and scary [and I appreciate what I am about to say is going to make me look an old, patronising ‘Dad’ but its not meant to be] … you’ll also be able to look back on it as not just one of the most exciting times of your life, but one of the most pivotel.

I’ve been moving countries/continents for the best part of 15 years and while it is always a wrench and you sometimes feel you can’t ever truly make roots [or friends for that matter – but that could be just me, ha] its it’s also an amazing opportunity to just feel you’re honestly, truly living life – even if at some periods it’s frustrating, challenging and confusing.

When I was younger – like really young – I thought I wanted to stay in Nottingham forever … and while I love my home, my country, my family and friends … I am doing something that when I look back at 80, can feel was as interesting as I could make it and for me personally, that’s an important goal.

You’ll have a ball – just take it for what it is and work hard to not forget the things that are the foundation of Seb … things that might now be a few hundred miles away.

Can’t wait to meet … it might be sooner than we all think, ha!

Comment by Rob

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