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A Couple Of Things I Really Love About England …
June 29, 2007, 7:00 am
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Pub Sunday Roasts – look like shit, taste like heaven.  


Crap Local Shop Competition Prizes.  

I think it’s the lack of pretence that I love the most … the simple-yet-effective promise that offers no illusion or hype.

It’s reassuring … warm … pleasing.

Maybe it’s because it reminds me of where/how I grew up or maybe it’s because its about as far removed from the image conscious World of Advertising as you can get … but I love it, miss it and want more of it … which all goes to show you can take the boy out of Nottingham but you can’t take Nottingham out the boy, ha!

[Yes I am in HK, but like a sad bastard, I wrote this post prior to leaving and set it to come on automatically today. And yes, I am still pissed off … infact I’m really angry]

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I’m having trouble even identifying half the food on that plate, so I’ll take your word for it!

Glad to see no massive dead bugs though, we all remember last time… *shudders*

Comment by Age

Rob you sad bastard. Should’ve known you had a blog. been meaning to call you for ages to congratulate you on your good news but have been basically been to busy (read Lazy). Anyway things all the same. Queen suck, stones rule. Ranger rock nottingham forrest are shit etc… depressing place has shut down but doesn’t matter cos i’m in Perth. Will be in Melbourne 27, 28, 29 July.

Love hugs and kisses, Tom W

Comment by Tom W

Hello Tom, it’s tops to hear from you especially as it saves me the pain of sending you a Happy Birthday email for July 3. Your rant against all things England/me, would be far more effective if you used proper grammar (ESPECIALLY as you’re a copywriter), spelt Forest correctly, had actually BEEN to a Glasgow Rangers game and didn’t live in Perth. Apart from that it’s great to hear from you but I’d keep the fact you taught me the ‘ring trick’ secret, because the people on this blog thought it sucked, ha.

Comment by Rob

Oh and Tom, I’m a super sad bastard because I have LOADS of blogs (all as crap as this one so you’re not missing out on anything) and AGE, got your email … thanks mate, really appreciate it and I’ll reply soon. Ta-ra.

Comment by Rob

I love a good roast but THAT looks like it was scooped off the floor!!

Comment by Charles Frith

Best Sunday roasts are those cooked by your mum/nan, making proper gravy (out of beef stock), and having nice, crispy potatoes.

Mmmm… not such a fan of the pub roast; in this case, got to agree with Charles.

Comment by Will

Nice yorkshire, but not sure on the rest of that particular roast!

I agree though. That lack of pretention is very British.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It wasn’t scooped off the floor … it was shoved on a plate by a man who was overly-excited at seeing real British grub again. ie: Me.

Comment by Rob

rob, it looks like a car crash, but i’m sure it tasted fantastic.

Comment by lauren

British cuisine is like Basement Jaxx – not really subtle, throwing everything in but the kitchen sink into the mix and leaving its mark inside you … but at the same time, it’s satisfying, infectiously delicious and a ‘full experience’.

French cuisine is like AIR – a blend of different ingredients [+ the odd totally inappropriate one] that forms together to make some rather insipid rhythm that dominates the track while lots of wind instruments ponce around in the background, adding nothing to the experience other than some light decoration. At the end of the meal you feel that occasionally you have had something really interesting and enjoyable, however the rest of the time, you just wonder why you bothered.

Comment by Rob

My God, my band metaphor has created a monster.

Comment by Will

Yes Will … it’s your fault and you should feel suitablky guilty! Ha

Comment by Rob

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