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June 22, 2007, 3:38 pm
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This photo was taken at an ad agency party in Cannes last night.

If you reckon you can tell what it is [yet], write it in the comments section … the winner gets errrrrmn, nothing.

[Clue: it’s the sort of sad thing you would expect an agency to do to try and look cool/shocking/memorable]

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German creative drowing in 30cm of his own tears?

Comment by Marcus

Ooooooh that is a great answer.

But totally wrong, so go to the back of the queue please and start again!

Comment by Robert

We don’t cue in Germany.

Comment by Marcus

Don’t say it’s a stripper…please don’t. Because then I would suggest you were on a German ad party…Marcus, you fucker 🙂 what’s with that German ad-bashing, bugger?!

Comment by Seb

Though he is right: We don’t queue in Germany. We nag until everybody left the queue except us, haha.

Comment by Seb

Haven’t you read W&V Seb? Doom and gloom in the German ad-industry. Are you one of the only creatives in Germany that actually picked up a lion?

(And yes – it’s a stripper)

Comment by Marcus

Yeah I read W&V. But honestly I think it’s the best thing that could happen. When being one of the leading nations in press a year ago or so everybody thought we found the holy grail of creativity and – surprise – it was burried deep under the soil of Germany. Unfortunately advertising is cruel and not as nice as football why you won’t own this bloody honour for four years. Maybe some people wake up and hear the voice saying: Hey Heinz-Jürgen, it’s not enough to do crappy shit on the clients brief and then come up with some brilliant ideas done once that probably could win Cannes. But honestly, I am hoping this will happen since I am in advertising. And Cannes this year is real rubbish, especially in the press and outdoor category.

EXCEPT your stuff Rob. And mine, ha.

Comment by Seb

How sad really.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Was it a real lovemark? 😉

Comment by Will

what i wanna know rob, is if it is a stripper, what are you doing with your camera phone out??!!

Comment by lauren

he is just taking the picture for us, Lauren.
but the next question should be: what were you doing at a party featuring a stripper on a glass stage?

Comment by Seb

Looks like he is hiding behind the bar!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Looks like he has pushed everybody at the bar aside to see more.

Comment by Seb

It’s a Chippendale?

Comment by Charles Frith

Rescue Rangers??

Comment by Rob Mortimer

oooh, is this the germaine greer appreciation society?

Comment by andy@cynic

bet you’re really pissed you couldn’t go now aren’t you Andy. Just LOOK at all the fun Rob’s having.

Comment by Marcus

Can I just point out this is one of the funniest thread of comments ever. I particulary like the accusation that I was pushing people out of the way to get the photo – sheer genius.

And given cynic’s first birthday party was in a brothel, I don’t think I should talk too morally about using naked women to attract people to attend functions. However we’re called cynic so you would expect that kind of thing where as this company is a rather more established, well known and global French ad agency so you’d really expect abit more class and sophistication.

Hope I get invited next year … boom tish!

Comment by Rob

It’s Martin Sorrell

Comment by John Dodds


Comment by Rob

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