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For The Guilty Parent …
June 22, 2007, 3:40 pm
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So you’re a new Mum or Dad … and you love little Johnnie incredibly … but because you like driving a new BMW 5 series and living in a desirable location, you work all hours available and only really get to be a parent for 3 minutes on a Saturday [as you rush out to buy your soy mochacino!]

Of course you feel abit guilty about it, but hey … you’re building a solid and desirable foundation for the future so it’s all justifiable.

However despite showering lil’ Johnnie with gift upon gift … there’s that little nagging feeling in the back of your head that you could be a BAD PARENT???

Enter the latest desk fan from Asia with new ‘Baby Wind’ setting.

Suddenly you can feel like little Johnnie is in the room with you.

Suddenly you can feel like you are spending time with your child.

Suddenly you can feel like the best god-damn parent in the UNIVERSE.


OK, so it’s not really a fan with a ‘guilty parent’ setting, it’s just another one of those classic ‘lost in translation’ examples – but I like it because it sounds like it has a built-in noxious fumes setting which you probably can only access by patting the fan on the back for a few minutes. Pointless post … but probably more enjoyable than the Cannes crap I’ve been writing about eh, haha!

Mind you, later today is ‘GORE DAY’ … so if  that doesn’t inspire me to write a positive and interesting post about Cannesthen I may as well pack in this whole blogging lark, put on a cardy and wait to die.And no, that is not a promise, ha!

PS: No Mum, I won’t be wearing a suit to have dinner with him, but I promise I won’t let the family name down. Too much.

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Ah Japanglish… (actually I cant tell if its that or Chinglish..)

Have fun with Mr Gore. 20 points if you can fit a Simpsons Al Gore quote in. “You are hearing me talk” for example.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

ah, sardonic humour.. i absolutely love this post! i think someone needs to make one of those fans… hmm… cogs are turning..

Comment by lauren

Maybe you’ll get a chance to tell him that he’s really liked on a lot of the Democratic blogs, and many want him to throw his hat into the presidential race, but he has one human trait from his days in academia. He talks too long and finds it difficult to say yes or no to a question. Sometimes normal people like a simple yes or no.

Tell him Charlie Frith said that and that he now ‘owes’ me. Have fun.

Comment by Charles Frith

ask him if he was forced to, would he rather of do monica or hilary. thats the real question the world wants answering.

Comment by andy@cynic

Haha. It is indeed.
Darn it Andy, why do you not have a blog…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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