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Cannes: Day One In The Sun …
June 20, 2007, 8:51 am
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Number One

So after a flight sitting next to an old boss of mine [which was interesting as I left under abit of a cloud] I arrived in hot and sunny Cannes.

Unsurprisingly, I was immediately hit by 4 key things …

1 The men were either all trying to look like members of The Rolling Stones or Miami Vice [The TV show, not the movie]

2 The women were all unbelievably beautiful and carried themselves off with far more grace than the men could ever hope for

3 There were more Ferrari’s and Bentley’s than even David Beckham could dream of

4 Most people were pissed or obviously trying to pretend they didn’t want to be noticed

Anyway, after checking into my hotel I went out into the sun and within 10 mins of walking along the sea front I found George slumbered in the corner of a bar, pissed out of his head telling me I was his best friend and the awards were all a big, fucking fix. [I kid you not, he even swore!!!]

Apart from the fact he had inadvertently become a great ad for not drinking, I couldn’t help but feel we’d been in a similar situation before – like in India a few months ago – proving that married men with 3 daughters should never be allowed out on their own because they metamorphisize into wankdom!

So I left him to it and went and had a look at what was else was going on.

And what did I find?

Errrrm, see points 1-4 above.

suessian megaphone

Luckily after an hour or so, it was time for me to do my speech with Pete from Crispin’s – so I turned my back on ad-ego-hell and headed into the cauldron of ‘what’s-so-fucking-special-about-you? conference.

As you would expect from the most pragmatic creative agency currently operating in the World, they attracted an audience who demanded to be challenged, entertained and informed and for the next 45 minutes did out very best to do just that. 

Whether we actually achieved our goal is open to debate, but they seemed very happy at the end and were genuinely interested in our view that if advertising was to survive, it would be dependent on us finding creative answers to clients business problems, not just thinking an ad is always the best – or right – solution.

To demonstrate this, we talked about the recent motorbike brief we had been given … how we’d designed jumbo jet interiors for Virgin … why the British M.O.D. asked us to create none-harmful weaponry … then we invited the wonderful Nigel Marsh – CEO of Leo’s in Australia – to talk about the Earth Hour campaign which he not only communicated, but conceived as well.

It all led to an interesting debate and more and more I think Rob M’s idea of a summit/conference/tea-party on this matter is vital because there are still too people with their heads in the sand believing a 30 second bit of film can solve all the problems in the World.

After that I just ponced around … saw friends, ate AMAZING food, picked up 2 bronze and 1 gold Lion/s in the print category [well, the guys in our team did and a massive congrats to them for that] then I picked up George from the bar and made sure he got home/hotel.

So here I am at 1:34am Frog time in my room, unbelievably ready for bed. 

All in all it has been an OK day … but tomorrow is where it really kicks off and I am happy to say I am meeting Russell for a nice cup of tea to ensure that with all the festivities, Mr Angry from Nottingham doesn’t develop an advertising ‘luvvy’ streak, ha!

It’s absolute and total wank … but as absolute and total wank goes, it’s fun!

[Yes Andy, lots of people asked me how you were. Happy now???]

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my heart is bleeding purple puss for both of you.

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s a hard job Andy, but a bipod ’s got to do it.

Comment by Marcus

Hah, George enjoyed the moment it seems!

And there are plenty of nice cars in Cannes at any time..!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

As wankerish as Cannes usually is, this post actually made it sound kinda neat. I hope to check it out myself one day.

Comment by Age

I am not jealous!

Comment by Charles Frith

Well played George..

Comment by NP

Sounds great fun.

Like Age said – I’d like to make it there myself one day.

My day was pretty good though – got to see the Smashing Pumpkins live. It’s not Cannes, but it was fun.

Comment by Will

How is the new line up?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Fucking brilliant. Convinced me more than ever that the Pumpkins are Chamberlin and Corgan and not Iha or D’arcy.

I’ll do a blog post about it later on today..

Comment by Will

I would like to take this opportunity to publically apologise to Pete and Alex for what I may or may not have done to them last night. If it’s any consolation, I feel worse than death and my family are disgusted with me. Thank God Rob’s mantra seems to be ”what happens in Cannes, stays in the public domain” or my wife wouldn’t have known what I’d been up to and I may have tried to do it all again tonight. Hope I can return the favour to you one day Rob, you deserve it, oh yes, you totally deserve it,

Comment by George

Good idea Will!

Nicely spoken George. Im sure your head will punish you enough…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Don’t worry George, you did nothing that copious amounts of apologies, free drinks and dry cleaning can’t fix. Now come to lunch, you’ll need some energy if you’re going to punch Rob in the face. 🙂 We’re at the Majestic, so come over.

Comment by Pete

You have never been so right Rob, I feel awful. On my way Pete, you hold him and I’ll hit him. Mind you, breathing on him would cause more damage. See you soon.

Comment by George

“We’re over at the Majestic” – don’t know about Andy, but that makes my blood boil.

Comment by Marcus

Sounds bad doesnt it…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That did sound really bad didn’t it. Sorry, I’ll ask Rob to punch me in the face and to demonstrate we’re not really ad wankers, we’re eating sausages and praying they’re not made of horse. I stand in front of you ashamed and begging for your forgiveness.

Comment by Pete

I think we can trust you guys to cause enough chaos to negate the smarmyness of the name ‘Majestic’…!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

good morning from london town. there are no ferraris or bentleys in sight, but a load of scungee old couches and a lanky junior planner. i hope you’re having a fantastic fucking time. and george, i’m shocked, but wildly amused.

Comment by lauren

George, if you punch Rob make sure you post it on Youtube.

Comment by NP

NP – why do you want to start a fight with me and Andy? We like you, why do you condone violence? I thought swimmers were nice, calm people … not some boiling cauldron of hate. No wonder we like you so much!

Comment by Robert

[…] haven’t been there for over 12 years and I have to be honest, I’ve been very very OK with […]

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