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Over The Hills And Far Away …
June 15, 2007, 7:32 am
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So I’m off to the mecca of ego … I mean creativity … yep, that’s right, Cannes.

It’s been quite a while since I was last there and I have to say, I’ve always found the thing abit naff.

To be honest, that more to do with me being incredibly uncool than the event being crap – but I know that at one point in the proceedings, I’m going to be sat in a cafe drinking an outragously expensive cup of coffee watching a bunch of 50 year old men acting like they’re 21 and pretending they’re all big swinging dicks – and as uncool and sad as I may be, even I don’t achieve depths that low. 

Fat Man 

Saying that, whenever I’ve gone there, I’ve always been treated well – especially for a planner who doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs – but I’m sure that’s because the people who were introducing me were well known respected creative types and most agency folk would crawl over broken glass to touch their shadow, let alone work with them, haha

Poor sods, I’m sure if they knew I wasn’t the magical door to ‘the inner circle’ they’d of treated me with the contempt I deserved, ha!  Bad luck suckers …

To be honest, what I am looking forward to the most is catching up with a bunch of mates who I haven’t seen for years …  though I have to admit I’m also rather excited about the presentations I’m involved in PLUS the fact I’m having dinner with Mr Al Gore!!!  

Mind you, all that falls into insignificance given I am going to pop over to Blighty and see my wonderful Mum. Without sounding a soppy sod, that’s waaaaaay better than all the other stuff, even though I’ll only be with her for about 12 hours.


Now on top of being in ‘Advertising Disneyland’, I’m probably about to be consumed by a abit of legal shit which means there’s a good chance I might not be able to post too regularly for the next few weeks. 

Might happen … might not … but the bad news [for you] is that I will definitely be back and probably angrier than ever, ha!

Whatever happens, I promise the A[P]SOTW assignment reviews will be going on in the background and I’ll write a full synopsis on what was submitted in the next few weeks.  I am really happy at the number and quality of the proposals I received and feel the future of adland might be OK as long as the industry stops behaving like a bunch of Management Consultant Fuckwits.

Finally, I want to wish Russell a massive ‘GOOD LUCK’ for his wonderful ‘INTERESTING’ conference.

I know it will be brilliant and I wish I could be there – but as I am not, I leave him and his delegates with this ‘3 minutes of Maybe Interesting, Probably Not’

Oh, absolute last thing … how about wishing my absolutely wonderful Jilly a happy birthday for today.

Her support, encouragement and warmth is the very definition of love and I am amazed I snagged her! 

Here’s to you my sweetie! Rx

[And before you ask Andy, that is not her birthday pressie, ha!]

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Firstly, happy birthday jill!! I hope you have a wonderful day and if rob doesn’t spoil you rotten, let me know and i’ll stamp on his feet when i see him (i know, you’re terrified rob, i can tell 🙂 )

secondly, rob, when do you arrive in london town (if at all)? If you say wednesday or thursday next week, i’ll be really fucking cross as i’ll be in wales going to see a bunch of skinny white lads jumping around on stage.

thirdly, have a fucking blast in cannes and please continue to be extraordinarily uncool. if nothing else, it’s a salve for the rest of the painful crap that goes on there.

Comment by lauren

Hello Lauren … I fly in to the UK on the 23rd of June and go straight to see my Mum. However my flight out is early morning on the 25th, so I’ll try and be in London for the afternoon/evening of Sunday so maybe we can meet up then?

Can I get back to you with definitive times/dates as it’s all abit dependent on some work rubbish too. Really hope we can meet up, I can at least ensure you have a square meal inside you, haha!

Comment by Robert

Happy birthday Jill, I hope he spoilt you even if he has no money left because of R2D2.
Rob, I can’t wait to see you next week and I look forward to hearing what legal issue is going on, though it is not too hard to guess. Chin up.

Comment by Pete

you mean peanuts, ice cream and cinnamon whirls from tesco don’t cover all the food groups? damn! [actually, given that clip, perhaps i should be shouting you to a square meal]

if we manage to catch up, excellent. if not, well, next time 🙂 i know you’ll have a fantastic time with your mum so it’s best not to cut that short if you can help it.

buonas noches.

Comment by lauren

… i can’t believe you called those glutinous rice balls ‘sheep eyes’!! Talk about sensationalism… Tsk tsk 🙂

Have fun in Cannes 🙂

Comment by theletterzee

A very happy birthday to you Jill from Radhika, me and the lil one in the oven.

Comment by Hari

Don’t ruin the illusion ‘theletterzee’ … these Western buggers think everyone is Asia eats cockroaches, locusts and the odd sheeps eye! Ha!

Comment by Rob

Happy Birthday Jill!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

if rob spent a fortune on a robot for his work mates, i am hoping he bought you a massive beach house or at least a car or you have to face the possibility he loves us more than you. mind you, i am a fucking god. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Happy Birthday Jill. I hope Rob did not buy a C3PO as present. And Rob, I hope you do that “me and R2D2 at the Croisette in pink Speedos”-picture. Even if that probably will end up in nightmares for the rest of my life, ha. Have a good time in Cannes and an even better one at you Mum.

Comment by Seb

Happy Birthday Jill, hope he’s spoiling you

Comment by NP

Don’t put ideas into my head Seb!

And to everyone who is going to ‘Interesting’, have fun and I hope people are abit more enthusiastic than you lot have been to my Spielberg masterpiece, haha!

Comment by Rob

I might be reviewing it for a magazine too, but no confirmation yet..


Comment by Rob Mortimer

The hallmark of a true a post about food, he references chips and curry sauce. In a word, legend.

Happy birthday Jill.

And Rob – bell me when you are knocking about London taawn, if you have time to meet.

Comment by Will

We will eventually have to get you to a Northern Planning Summit Rob…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Actually Mr M, I think we have to get you lot to a cynic party – and if a couple of things go to plan, that might be closer [figuratively and physically] than you think!

Off now … speak soon …

Comment by Rob

And chips, mushy peas and gravy ARE A GIFT FROM GOD!

[First food in my gob as I depart the plane, ha! Sod Magic Meals when I’m Blighty]

Comment by Rob

I hope so too!
Pie and Mash time…

Can’t believe with all your flying i’ve still not met you yet!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Trust me Rob, once you’ve met me you’ll realise you’ve not missed out on anything, ha!

Comment by Robert

Maybe not… but should still be a laugh!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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