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Like Being Savaged By A Sheep!
June 12, 2007, 7:24 am
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Oprah...An angel on Earth [read me]

I am sure Bob Jeffrey is a lovely man, but this article is the equivalent of an Oprah interview … sycophantic, shallow and skirting over the real issues.

Just changing your name may be a public declaration of shedding the old – but you need to do more than that if you want to reinvent yourself into a lean, mean fighting machine and why that issue wasn’t taken up with him is beyond me.

That’s not to say that everyone – or every campaign – by JWT is bad or boring or bad … however the ‘great’ is still in the minority to the ‘average’ … and it still pisses me off they massacred one of the truly great global campaigns when they won HSBC.

The thing is, Bob … and every other network CEO … should be scared, very, VERY scared – because not only are smaller creative networks starting to win real, major business, but with opencast creativity centres like springing up, they could soon be relegated to nothing more than being ‘the UPS of adland’.

Thanks to Gareth [for the Guardian article] … it made me angry, which makes me happy!

[And not forgetting Marcus for the OpenAd link. You can stop sulking now, Ha]

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Bet you don’t feel that by the guys who write about you though do you Rob 🙂

Hope you have had/having a great day, see you Tuesday.

Comment by Pete

I got the link from Graeme Douglas. And I’m still sulking.

Comment by Marcus

Remind me Marcus, do you have children? Ha

Comment by Rob

I have children yes. And hair on my head. And I’m not OLD.

Comment by Marcus

That must be why you still act like a 2 year old then, hahaha!

[I am sure that would have more impact if I hadn’t put a photo up of me with comedy breasts!]

Comment by Rob

no comment.

Comment by Marcus

Interesting point though about Che Guevara… any resemblance to an earlier post? 😉

“one of the fascinating things about that book is that he started the Cuban revolution with 12 people. So I always remind people that change starts with a nucleus of evangelical people who believe in the mission and they more or less spread the word.”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’d be so much more powerful a statement if he wasn’t selling the equivilent of ‘beige’ advertising.

Comment by Rob

Still, taking beige to beige with a hint of red is better than doing nothing…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

This is getting back to the normal surreal shit I normally see on this blog, ha!

Comment by Rob

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