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BOREDroom: Wednesday’s Score!
June 6, 2007, 5:20 pm
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Based on this conference, my personal score for today would be … 

Number Four

[And this time, I think the delegates would all rate it about the same, ha!!]

Thank-the-Lord it’s all over and normality can return to my [working] life – as will hopefully be demonstrated by tomorrow’s post.

To be fair it was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be – but I still had to keep banging on how theory means nothing unless you actually do something about it interms of the output you create.

I hope the message gets through [especially to ‘senior people’] because otherwise the whole thing will be in vain and the staff [not to mention the public] ultimately lose out.

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I really like you talking about this because clearly you care about this stuff and someone has to shake things around a bit. Here’s a good start. Thanks for the link the other day too Rob. Force be with you and all that.

Comment by Charles Frith

Thanks Charles … I appreciate it … and yes, I do care passionately about this sort of stuff, especially as this industry is quick to talk ‘big’ but tends to act and think quite small.

If this industry is to have a brighter future – and attract [as well as keep] the people who have the greatest potential, then it has to stop talking in nonesensical terms and start doing stuff that invigorates business, agencies and the people they have in their ‘care’.

It is only now I truly appreciate the wonderful training I got at HHCL … and for all the talk the industry has about ‘looking ahead’, interms of its own standing, it is firmly looking in reverse and that is why I cannot help myself but open my gob and shout THE EMPEROR IS NAKED!

And interms of mutual appreciation, I love your blog so please keep it up … we are seemingly being consumed by either lowest-common-denominator thinking or self-congratulatory irrelevant [to society and adland] accademia intelligence … and because you’re fighting the good fight for bravery with relevance, I salute you.

Comment by Rob

he really does charles, hes a one man industry samaritan.

Comment by andy@cynic

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