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That’s The Way To Do It …
May 30, 2007, 2:00 pm
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Punch and Judy

Hey Coke Zero [UK] … will you please go and have a look at this.

Good isn’t it!? 

Do you feel ashamed at what you did now?

Do you still think we’re a bunch of fools?

Do you still think we don’t appreciate your business?

Do you enjoy looking like marketing midgets?

Tough … you had your chance, now look, learn and regret. 🙂

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I love this so much it makes me cry. Tears of joy. Tears of fucking JOY!

Comment by Marcus

they are great. saw two of them before but never all. brilliant. who did it?

Comment by Seb

Hello Seb …

The ads are the genius of Crispin with a teensy bit of backroom help/influence from cynic

Comment by Rob

Morning. Can you hear me clapping? Good work.

Comment by Seb


Buy out VCCP so we can get this running in the UK.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

it suited me well that coke zero [uk], not to mention coke australia were doing shit campaigns. i begrudgingly admit that this is good. really good.

Comment by lauren

Crispin’s deserve all the applause … plus maybe abit for George and Billy … because they did all the really hard work, all cynic did was come up with an rough idea and then do abit of ‘political seeding’ throughout the fizzy water company.

Aren’t I nice to downplay my colleagues involvement, hahahaha!

Comment by Rob

Those are great, the site continues to be interesting even after the spots because its got a very entertaining personality and invites you to explore. It’s designed well too.

Not sure why they bothered to tell you some of the lawyers are actors and then give it away, probably some legal reason, ha!

Comment by Age

I love the whole idea of the company suing themselves, especially as it has happened in America (one company sued another company owned by the same parent I beieve).

Its well done, funny, and actually gets across both a product message, AND a decent brand message.

Its everything the UK ads were not.

Well done Crispin, George and Billy!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

America is the land of litigation so your assumption is correct Age.

Coke UK don’t always get it wrong … but interms of Coke Zero they did because they seemed to go for ‘logic’ when there really wasn’t any in launching the product in the first place.

This is how I think it should have been done so I am well chuffed it actually saw the light of day rather than be one of those ‘bottom drawer’ ideas.

Comment by Rob

The problem isnt that they always get it wrong, its that they rarely get it right enough…

I think the work here would appeal to the same people, in the same way, but probably would be a lot more effective with the rest of the population.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Well done lads and Crispin.

Tip top. Made me laugh too, which is rare for online shenanigans.

Comment by Will

I am going to write something in this area Mr M – quite often, I think segmentation is about who you DON’T want to talk to as opposed to how you can motivate more people to give a shit about you and your brand.

Oooh I like this blog – keeps me on my twinkletoes

Comment by Rob

I really love “let put on the lawyers pants and walk down that pass”.

Comment by Seb

Very true.
But the problem was they didnt reach all of the people they were targeting. While they werent after women for example; there were still plenty of males who could have been motivated more by a better campaign.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

If you ARE going to alienate part of a market, for God’s sake, do it in a charming way.

A la Yorkie ‘It’s Not For Girls’. Greatly increased female consumption. Pissed a few off, sure, but in the long run it was a very smart strategy.

Comment by Will

Great great example Will.

Its increased both male and female sales by targeting the people it was aimed at but still influencing others. It managed (as far as I am aware) to increase female sales without damaging the image with men.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Lets get this straight … COKE Zero was not created to specifically target men, it was created because the Coca-Cola company are in all sorts of shit interms of their volumes and so their strategy is to ‘flood’ the market with more product in the hope they get a bigger slice of the market.

Sure, Coke Zero has become a product targeted at men – but it was not the primary reason for its inception … especially because DIET Coke gets approx 40% of its volume from males [over 35+] already.

Comment by Rob

Oh, I was referring to what appears to be VCCP’s strategy, not what the original intention was – I had no idea about that.

But it’s interesting about volumes. Thanks for that Rob, it (the launch) makes a bit more sense now..

Comment by Will

same thing with the Mr T ‘get some nuts’ snickers ads.. i was having a picnic with a bunch of gals the other day and we were all saying how much we loved it – despite it obviously being aimed at boys (unless there’s something about the female anatomy i missed).

if you’re clear, just because you’re talking to one group of people, doesn’t mean that others can’t eavesdrop.

Comment by lauren

Rob. You have mail.

Comment by Will

Interesting, thanks for that Rob. Was that VCCP’s strategy, or something Coke decided after the product was ready?

Bring back Tab Clear…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

only bring back tab clear if they have the same cool logo from the 70s/80s..

Comment by lauren

Coke Zero I believe was created because diet Coke was perceived as being a female drink. I’m thinking of setting up a blog called marketing midgets of mediocrity by the way. I’ve met a few too 🙂

Comment by Charles Frith

Coke decided the male target and to be honest, they had no where else they could turn with the product. Lets be honest, Coke Zero is what Diet Coke should have been but because of technology limitations, they weren’t able to make the taste close enough to ‘the real thing’ – hence years and years of launching Diet Coke with lime / cherry / lemon / donner kebab in a desperate attempt to ‘hide’ the taste inconsistencies.

Oh well … they got their in the end and as they pay a sizable amount of bills, I shouldn’t be too tough on them. Well, no more than I would be if I still worked with the buggers, ha!

Comment by Robert

Its Coke Max really…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Absolutely Mr M … but saying that will get you banned by Coke to go along with Colgate!

Comment by Rob

Pepsi Zero?

If they want to flood the market then Tab Clear and Caffiene free are the way to go!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

George, Billy and Pete special eh. We should start our own agency. If Alex would sign up too 🙂

Comment by Pete

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