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Robbed … But Still Rich
May 30, 2007, 2:51 pm
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Every year SONY Worldwide conduct a competition to identify the best creative their companies have produced in the previous 12 months.

Well they’ve just had their global meeting and we’ve just heard that overall, we came second with the brand re-launch FEEL campaign.

Guess what won! 

Yep … the beautifully shot, nice soundtracked, limited-idea ‘Balls’ ad.


Not really because our Soundaholic stuff [the good ones] came 3rd and the client has started to realise we’re not a bunch of loons afterall. HURRAH!

Given PlayStation normally cream the prizes, this is a good result and tops off a good day for me – what with finishing the blessed presentations and all.

So I am going home now to chill and plan how to do fuck all tomorrow. 

Have fun all, back Friday!

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Well done Rob.

Comment by Will

Well done.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Well done Rob and mob, you’re doing a genius job and you know what I think of “Balls” so you should definitely of been crowned winners. Do you get anything or is the prize a happier client? 🙂

You do realise that quite possibly for the first time in years, that meeting would probably not of been totally depressing? I sat through one years ago and thought I was going to cry.

Comment by Pete

yay!! congratulations!
… and it probably feels even better after the whole garfield thang, too. i hope it’s a nice incentive to keep pushing sony to bigger and better things. very proud indeed (although proud feels a bit too possessive, but it’s the closest i could think of)

Comment by lauren

That’s great – congratulations.

Comment by Jade

Can I just say – and I mean this truly – you lot are far too lovely and kind and to be honest, I don’t know how I got such a lovely bunch of people to come here so often.

[Excluding the individuals I sort-of pay to come on this blog all the time!]

Thanks guys – though as is the case in most things, the credit is more with others than me … but as they’re away or not reading this blog, I’ll take it, ha!

Comment by Rob

good job. no, wait, great job. congratulations. hopefully this will mean a “big booze and Rob’s gonna pay for all the drinks” for all the nice people at cynic.

Comment by Seb

Congrats, gang!

Comment by Age

Well played.

Comment by NP

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