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Another One Bites The Dust?
April 18, 2007, 11:21 am
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Got A Light?

There is an epidemic going on people … an epidemic that is striking indiscriminately and taking away people who we have learnt to care about dearly.

And what is that epidemic?  Bloggers who give up blogging.

First NP needed a rest [but is gladly back] … then Russell started muttering he was going to back off blogging for a while and now Marucs/Sacrum has declared his intention to ‘pack it all in’.  Hell, if it carries on at this rate, there’ll be no more blogs for me to read!

Now I can understand why the guys feel/felt this way … because blogging is like crack … it’s addictive, especially if you start getting abit popular and have people commenting on your site each and every day.

Before long, rather than using the blog to simply express your point of view [and damn who sees it] you feel a pressure to not only write something new each and every day, but to write something that you feel will be relevant to the people who you know are checking out your blog each and every day.  Suddenly the focus is on number of comments rather than expression of personal opinion.

In a matter of weeks, you can turn into a character who is obsessively checking for comments, stats and links …  seeing more and more of your time being taking up … ending with your loved ones feeling second best to a computer and a bunch of blog friends.

As NP said … blogging can quickly start to run you rather than the other way round.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What's the collective noun for remote controls, anyway?

Now I don’t know the reasons behind Russell and Marcus’ decision to stop … and maybe they have nothing to do with what I have written above … but I do hope it is only a temporary halt, because not only do I love reading/hearing/seeing their views, thoughts, comments, moments-of-madness [even if I disagree with them] but because I regard them – especially Marcus – as a mate and to have him ‘go away’ would be awfully sad. 

It’s like that last day of school where you are excited and nervous about what the future will bring but also sad because you know – despite what everyone says – that you may never see again, some of the friends you’ve have spent the last few years of your life with.

Dramatic? Maybe but it’s how I feel.

Yes … yes … I know he said he’d still be around commenting on other people’s blogs but I don’t think that is good enough quite frankly.

He is a very smart, talented person … and while he may have fallen foul of trying to ‘entertain’ rather than be true to himself [and when he is, he is astoundingly good] … he has alot of very valuable and powerful things to say – things that are deeply important to him and if he stops doing this, then I think he is doing himself and the World a major dis-service.

Marcus, I hope you take this comment in the manner it is meant … your objectivity, experience, thoughts, opinions, talent, infectiousness and madness are fantastic … by all means get some perspective on how important blogging is versus other aspects of your life [and that goes for anyone else feeling this way], but for God’s sake don’t stop for good, it would be terrible … for us and for you.

[I genuinely worry how you would cope keeping quiet about things that you feel are wrong/right/important. Not sausages – though that was great fun – but real issues that bother you. Surely you can see how you have liberated other people to look at their own lives and question elements that have been restricting or creating happiness?]

I think we should all be like Rob M … a very talented guy who can express his views with wit, clarity and intelligence without the need to write each and every day.  I am on my way there, I already have his bald head.

Thumbing Station

In all seriousness, I think blogging is great.

Sure it can get out of hand … hell, I have about 8 blogs on the go and have now been asked to be the main blog writer for Media Magazine … but as long as you are aware of the addictive and time consuming nature of it all [and I have my lovely Jill to keep-me-in-line, not to mention my partners who like me spending time on paying business, not just blog posts] you should be OK. [emphasis on should]

I started blogging for a number of reasons … some ego, some about personal expression and some about satisfying my curiosity.

And after about 12 months of doing it, I love that … [1] people stop by [2] express their relevant and not-so-relevant views and sometimes [3] passionately disagree with my viewpoint and aren’t afraid to say so [whilst still being decent, open and genuine]

However what I love most is that I have come into contact with some lovely, smart, genuine, talented and intelligent people … people who I would love to [and I absolutely mean this] work with in some way in the future.  

George, Andy and myself were talking about this recently and all agreed that interms of finding potential new colleagues, blogging has been far, far effective than any headhunter we’ve used … and we sincerely hope that one day – if you are willing – there’s a chance we can move this ‘desire’ to some sort of ‘reality’. [For your sins, your names are already on our ‘DOUBLE D’ list … a list of people that one day we’d “like to get our hands on” Ha!]

So to wrap up …

Well, the first thing to say is that I have no intention to rest from blogging for the foreseeable future [bad luck] … I have too much to say and too much to learn … secondly, I hope people continue to forge friendships [as Age writes about in his great post about meeting swearalot Lauren!] because it helps celebrate and liberate the power and beauty of creativity [the seemingly common subject to us all, regardless how we manifest it] whilst also making us feel happier and more interested about life … and finally, I send out a personal plea to Russell, Marcus and anyone else thinking of stopping blogging for a considerable time or for all together …

Please don’t … it’s nice having you and your thoughts around [not just your odd comment on our odd post]

Thank you.

PS: NP … do you like the way I got a Queen reference into this? Bet you like the first photo you evil bastard, ha!

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what is going on? dont they realise you are a cockroach and will keep blogging till the end of fucking time? they have a duty to keep posting to ensure you can never take over the blogsphere. plus theyve got you to do fucking stupid and funny stuff. more than even i have ever achieved.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy in ‘I can connect onto the internet despite being in a hotel room in Rio’ SHOCK!

Comment by Rob

Maybe we can start Andy blogging as the “anti russell” ??

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’d pay money to see that.

Comment by Marcus

Andy likes Russell except when he feels he goes into self indulgence, but then he gets into a strop when he feels George and I are doing that too.

I like the fact no one is actually commenting on what I’ve written and are just talking around it.

Speaks volumes … ha!

Comment by Rob

Well I agree with it entirely, (especially the nice things about me 😉 ) and ive posted about it on my blog, so theres not much else to say!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thanks Mr M …

I don’t want people to think I am being a prick, but by the same token, I don’t want people to just go away because they have let themselves be consumed by self-imposed blog pressure.

I don’t care when or how often they write, they just have to keep it up because they’ve got great things to say [things that just commenting on other peoples post won’t always cover] and everyone benefits from it – even if they disagree with what is being said.

Am I being selfish? Of course I am, I’m an only child, ha!

Comment by Rob

Nicely put, O opinionated one.

Very nicely put.

Comment by Will

It happens all the time of course, its just in this case its three people we all respect and enjoy reading in the space of 48 hours.

~Glad NP is back though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I don’t think I said I was going away did I? Look I’m still here, still alive and still breathing.

Comment by Marcus

As I said Rob … it’s an epidemic.

Hello Marcus … my Mum is upset with you, ha!

Comment by Rob

Sorry mum

Comment by Marcus


Comment by Rob

you betcha.

Comment by Marcus

This is very sad news and I hope Marcus and Russell understand the genuine warmth behind what you are saying about who they are as people.

Comment by George

I really, truely undertsand it George and I’m very moved by what Rob has written here.

Comment by Marcus

That’s good news Marcus because you’ve made a huge positive impression on lots of people, especially Rob. And as much as he can be a vicious shit, he has a heart of gold and would never knowingly want to hurt someone he thinks highly of. People he dislikes is another matter.

Comment by George

First Andy compliments me [admitidly a week ago] now George does [admitidly after an insult] … are you lot on ‘e’? Has this become the ‘love’ blog? Not on my fucking watch it hasn’t, ha!

Comment by Rob

what the fucking hell is going on? i’ve said it on marcus’ blog, but i’ll say it here too – i’m very fucking upset! i can’t even manage to spit out a decent insult!

Comment by lauren

This is what happens when you don’t check up on your blog friends often enough.

Comment by Rob

sorry – i spent all day with my mum. is that OK? besides, i suspect that it has very little to do with that.

on a more serious note, thanks for writing this post, rob. after meeting age in person yesterday, i realised that this blogosphere isn’t as much about [self] obsession as i first thought. but, as age said, the nature and future of global relationships. they’re strange relationships, they’re just as important to me as the others (which makes me really nuts)

Comment by lauren

don’t know what to say as well, Lauren. wrote an email today to Marcus, which somehow said something like this:
Hope you’ll come back. Really. I have the feeling that for some this blogging thing is getting too serious. It should be a joy just to write about stuff you’re interested in. Thoughts, opinions, silly ideas. And to read the stuff that others wrote on their blogs. To chat, discuss, swear and get related to each other, maybe become mates. But if you haven’t enjoyed it any more mabey it’s okay to take a break. A break is not an end. So take your time and come back.

So hopefully you all stick around here and maybe some people come back. Though Marcus already has deleted all posts. Blimey.

Comment by Seb

The one thing I’ve taken from all this is no-one actually reads blogs very carefully. I didn’t say I was giving up, I just said I was going to blog about other stuff. Not ads and that.

If anything I’m hoping to blog more.

Oh well. I guess I just need to be clearer. And less self-indulgent obviously. Sorry Andy.

Comment by russelldavies

Actually that was a bit churlish wasn’t it? Sorry. what I meant to say was thanks for the kind words. Seriously. Big thanks.


Comment by russelldavies

hello russell. i knew you werent going away for good and i am glad about that because youre a fucking smart and interesting bloke. for a planner. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Hello Russell …

Don’t let Andy upset you … he’s a creative and just like Scamp can start an argument in an empty room. 🙂

What I was trying to say was that I hope you will be MORE self-indulgent … write what pleases you, upsets you, interests you be it in life, communication the bloody solar system – not just focus on planning and branding.

Don’t get me wrong, what you did with your blog was fantastic interms of brand and planner education – and you have the fan base to prove it – but given you weren’t getting paid for it, I can imagine it started to take a huge amount of your time … time you’d like to spend with the family or on OIA business.

That’s not to say you didn’t enjoy it, I am just saying you are a multi-dimensional chap and only writing in one area probably started to tire/bore/frustrate you.

I do hope you know how highly all of us [both on this blog and cynic] think of you – and personally you will always be a legend for your short wearing episode with Mr Gates and eggsbaconchipsandbeans – so I look forward to reading more about you … not because you are trying to teach people anything [though certain people will probably interpret it as much] but because you are an interesting chap [Nottingham Forest supporter] and it’ll be great to read ‘free-form Russell’.

In the meantime, please know Andy is stuck in Rio and fearing for his life. See, I can tell you’re smiling already!

Wish I could be at Interesting … not just because it’ll be great but because I can play the Ukulele [and not a Scorpions song in sight!]

Comment by Rob

Seb … I have it on good authority that Marcus has just ‘hidden’ his posts – they are not deleted – afterall, this isn’t about him trying to run away from his past [it’s only a blog for christsake, ha!] it’s just about getting life proportion back.

Lauren … I am well chuffed you met Age, really am. I know I had absolutely fuck-all to do with it, but somehow it makes me happy – almost as happy as your Mum must be to have you hanging around the house again.

And yes, if you come to Clinicaland [ie: ‘pore] come and say hello – unless we’ve all pissed off by then!

Comment by Rob

the ‘pore?! that is hilarious!! yes, well, if i can swing by, i just might. and you’re right, you had nothing to do with age and i catching up, but i’m glad you’re living vicariously through us anyway.. ha!

one good thing about marcus disappearing is that those of us who didn’t get around to iPod singing are officially off the hook! he he.

Comment by lauren

I thought you’d like that Lauren … our little private joke eh!

And there is NO WAY you lot are getting off the hook. I am not going to make a fool of myself without somehow getting you lot too as well, ha!

Comment by Rob

I too am saddened that both Rob and Marcus are giving blogging a rest for a bit. But I can empathise with why. A lot of the points you (Rob) make about the “pressures” of blogging are true. I can imagine it being especially worse when your blog is starting to get known as a source of information and knowledge in your field (adland for most of us). There is def added weight there. Almost like it’s a job that you soon come to dread.

I’m sure they’ll both return at some stage, refreshed and ready to express their great personalties once again. Actually I’m sure of it, because they are too smart and too creative not to share it with others. The dark side awaits your return…

And Rob, make sure you let me know when you are in Melbourne. I got a great burger joint in mind… think of it as me providing food relief for those ring in meals you’ve been getting! Just don’t tell Jill!!

Comment by Age

Age … I FUCKING LOVE YOU AND YOUR BURGER KNOWLEDGE … I will definitely give you advanced notice to book the restaurant out for me, YAY!

Comment by Rob

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