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Goodbye …
April 11, 2007, 6:41 pm
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You are – and will continue to be – very, very sadly missed.

You were the pioneer of many things … including brave, imaginative, media neutral ‘ideas’.

Society loved what you did … agencies were jealous of what you did and clients craved what you did. 

Without you there would be no Mother … no Crispin … no Naked ,,, and certainly no cynic.

Thanks for being the best teachers I could ever of had … cheers for giving me some of the best times of my working life … and ta for the multitude of bollockings!

[Thanks Rob M for not letting this slip my mind!]

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Lets hope those that tranfer into Grey can spark them up a bit too.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

youre a sentimental bastard today arent you.

and why have youve written more posts than ever? if youre bored then come here, i have a fuckload of work for you to do.

hhcl was fantastic, exciting, liberating and pioneering, especially at the beginning. be glad to be part of it because its what helped set you apart from the masses and what helps cynic thrive amongst the bland.

the skill in making any company like hhcl thrive is passing the baton to the right people (with the right values, foresight and passion) and associating with the right companies (both clients and investors) and as much as it pains me, they were not nearly as good at this as say bbh are.

i saw what you wrote on mortimers blog and you represented hhcl, came-saw-conqured-some left-changed-some more left-battled-died. lets make sure we only follow the early part of that life cycle. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree with you there Andy, associations are so vital for the revolutionary.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Grey … hardly a name to conjour up dynamic thoughts eh!

Andy, you are very, very right and its nice to see you showing people on this blog your brainpower rather than just your swearing skills.

That aside, you are being very nice to me at the moment so please call me and tell me just what the hell you are after, ha!

Comment by Rob

My experience of Grey is that they are improving…but still not technicolour. Lets hope Richard (and co) can make a difference.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

well it sure isnt your fucking body is it.

Comment by andy@cynic

mr mortimer, if campbell and his team can make wpp in fucking asia start coming out with some of the regions most exciting ideas and work, then the guys going to grey have got it fucking easy.

Comment by andy@cynic


Sorry, I thought I just saw you offering stark praise of Rob!


Whoa you meant it.

I agree though!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

hahaha, Andy and Rob should get a tv show. I’d watch it.

Oh and Andy,if you need someone to help you with that “fuckload of work” I know an ACE writer!!!!


Comment by Age

Id watch it too. Maybe they could suggest that for MTV…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Andy in compliment-to-Rob shock!

A] Is he ill?
B] Drunk?
C] On drugs?
D] All of the above?

I’m going with ‘D’ but we’ll wait when he gets back from his shoot to ask for the answer.

But I am rather touched by all this – especially as all I do is let my talented mob shine rather than do anything major myself, ha

Comment by Rob

Amen to that. The flattest and most collaborative agency structure I’ve ever encountered. Nobody was too important to put time in their diary for a chat.

Comment by Charles Frith

A damn shame, especially considering all of the work we have/had ready to go.. some was brilliance.

Of course, this is all tinged by rug pulling..

Comment by Will

Yes … the old banana skin of corporate decisions. Problem is Will, the real damage was done quite a while back and unfortunately you were one of the poor sods who ended up getting the brunt of it.

Comment by Rob

I think the end came when they lost the Sky account. It was pretty much irreversable after that; but credit to them for trying to keep it going.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

We continued to do good work, and some experience is better than none.

Edit: One of my colleagues just had a call from a headhunter (‘I gather you have a junior planner who was published in Campaign’). Heh…

Comment by Will

Go Will!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

nice one will!

Comment by lauren

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