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Allow Me To Present Myself …
April 10, 2007, 7:02 pm
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On my previous post, the very clever Mr M commented on how it seemed middle management were fast becoming the biggest flag-wavers for mediocrity and I mentioned I have a similar sentiment on my business cards.

To prove I’m not talking shite, here it is … first the front …

… now the back …

Yes, that caricature is supposed to be me … because I am unshaven and only have one eye that works.

And before you ask, everyone has a business card featuring a version of their ‘facial shortcomings’, ha!

[Oh, and I know Nottingham is not exactly ‘oop North’ – but this was created for my American clients who think anything above London is ‘poor’]

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That will be “impact” then.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Of course … hahaha

Comment by Robert

Looks like impact to me…

like the golf ball face character tough

Comment by Rob Mortimer

If its any consolation, the cynic font changes by individual and I am out on my own regarding ‘impact’, ha!

Comment by Rob

It works for the company name, but not for long bits of text.

Marcus, can you please nudge some typography skills his way?!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

dont worry rob and marcus, ill sort the sad fucker out. to be fair the body copy doesnt look as bad as you think (the photo isnt great) but he is sexually obsessed with this font and probably had jills engagement ring engraved with it. go on rob, tell me it isnt so.

Comment by andy@cynic

I wonder if Rob is aware of the irony that he sees typography in much the same way that people he hates see advertising!

Comment by Rob Mortimer


Just got home and officially am ‘switching off’, so happy slagging me off, I do deserve it where Impact is concerned and everyone [including Jill] tells me. Bit like my love of Queen … ha.

Comment by Rob

At least you see it!

Now, where were we Andy…? 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

hmm – only one eye that works, one-eyed about impact.. perfect match!

Comment by lauren

that’s brilliant.
Our old business cards each had a crop from our favourite album over on the front. Gave everyone some individuality and a story to tell.

Mine was this:

Comment by Age

rob dont panic, out of the kindness of my heart i removed the big, crappy version of your business card so you look less fucked. you can pay me for it later, probably youve changed your blog password. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

George has just rung me to tell me what you have done. The password has been changed, as will your face if you ever do something like that again! 🙂

Comment by Rob

bad andy bad andy. now will you please answer the fucking phone.

Comment by andy@cynic

I love this blog.

Comment by Marcus Brown

Why? Because it’s an example of total, unadulterated unproffessionalism? Thank God only a few of our clients read it, ha!

Comment by Rob

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