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This Is Bob Garfield’s Bad Side. Allegedly …
March 23, 2007, 11:11 am
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I thought I should point this out because following my post about his review of our bastardised-without-us-knowing Walkman ad, he wrote in and pointed out a few things I’d said were inaccurate/misleading – including the photo I’d used of him [which actually wasn’t what the photo was supposed to be representing] which [according to him] “…wasn’t his good side’.

Now if this comment really is from him [though all evidence seems to indicate it is], I have to admit to some new found respect … because not only could he have ignored what I’d written completely, it takes balls the size of the above photo to write a note to someone who is abit pissed off [even though in reality, my anger was more directed at the production company than at his particular comments – afterall, you can only judge what you have been given]

Anyway, if you scroll down to the comments section of the post, you can read his note and my reply.

Maybe it’s a ‘Bob’ thing … maybe it’s because it will upset Andy … maybe it’s because it’s quite scary he actually found and READ my blog … but I quite like this Garfield chappie, so to prove he doesn’t really have a face like an arse or balls [or whatever that photo above actually is] I present to you the real Bob Garfield. 

As I said in my reply to him, for a bastard, he’s alright …

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rob!! from pile of shit meatballs to that photo again?? i’m sorry, but i’m not coming back until there’s a decent image on your landing page…

BTW, i was very impressed by mr garfield’s reply. cahones indeed.

Comment by lauren

Oh dear Lauren – well you’ll have to wait till Monday then – but I promise something less offensive will be there. Well, unless I decide to open the next post with a picture of my head!

Comment by Rob

I am now officially watching what I say.

Comment by Pete

Has all hell broken loose while I was away?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh yeah …

Comment by Rob

Damn. What did I miss??

Comment by Rob Mortimer

My word. That’s all.

Comment by NP

I am too weak to comment. But I am here.

Comment by Marcus Brown

What do you mean by that Mr NP … and why hasn’t anyone commented on my Malaysian Driver – I risked my life for that footage.

Comment by Rob

killing you with kindness. i fucking hate it when that happens.

Comment by andy@cynic

…finding out who reads your blog can be quite surprising.
…Rob Campbell sort of admitting he may have been wrong

…how people can surprise you

…and as Andy says, the way being nice can disarm people.

Comment by NP

Hang on, I didn’t say I was wrong … and neither did Bob … I just said my opinion about him had changed because of how he commented on my post.

Mind you, I’d like to think I am someone who readily admits to being wrong when I feel I have been – but then that might be because I’ve had alot of practice, ha!

There’s a big difference between BEING wrong and FEELING wrong, just ask Sir Martin, ha!

Comment by Rob

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