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What Is It With Malaysian Cuisine?
March 22, 2007, 10:33 am
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So you lot reckoned the beefburger I had at my hotel in KL had some dead insect on the top of it!

Of course in reality, it was a few fried onions ‘artistically arranged’, however at the airport yesterday, I decided I wanted some food and asked for spaghetti and meatballs.

You have to appreciate that …

1 I am half Italian

2 I have grown up with great Italian food

3 Jill makes the finest meatballs in the World

… so I was rather disappointed when I got served this …

What the hell!???

After looking at this cold, disgusting mess for a few minutes, I still wasn’t sure whether the ‘meatballs’ were infact plums / testicles / turds richly covered in tomato sauce – however one thing I WAS certain of, was that there was no way they were going in my mouth!

And if that didn’t make me feel sick enough, the post below did …

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Looking at that diabolical dish of rectal matter almost makes me want to cut myself open and drain every ounce of Italian blood from my body.

Is that saying enough?

I’m glad you didn’t eat that, Rob. PHEW!!!

Comment by Age

boy am i looking forward to you posting something else soon so that when i open up this page, i don’t have that pile of crap to look at. thank god we don’t have smell-o-vision yet!

Comment by lauren

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