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Hello Mum …
February 28, 2007, 10:04 pm
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So after a big day, I finally pop back to my hotel to quickly check on my emails [and see your comments about George and his ‘choccy-botty’, ahem] and find this from my Mum.

I have spent almost two hours reading the contents of your blog.  I loved it!  It is so entertaining, interesting and funny. 

What I loved even more was your photograph at the end. It made me smile. 

It is so wonderful that you have such lovely colleagues, with the same sense of humour as yours and that you can all ‘insult’ each other with avengeance!. 

Yes, I know, THOSE words-well, I have survived and I certainly would not let them put a negative slant on your very good diary.

Enjoy your incredible experience of being in India you lucky man and let me know what you think of the magical Taj Mahal. 

One thing that makes me really happy is that you notice, understand, appreciate and respect the culture of Asia. Enjoy everything and take care. Mum xxx 

Now I knew I had a cool Mum … afterall she is a SKYPE using-video-conferencing-Russian learning-Art Class following-Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer lovin’-Writing appreciation adoring woman … but the fact she can read my blog – even with THOSE words – and still enjoy it, is cooler than cool.

So could everyone please say a nice ‘hello’ to my Mum as she is bound to be mortified about this ‘publicity’. [God, this Taj Mahal visit has affected me hasn’t it. Better send Andy here next time!]

Right, off to my [or should I say ‘our’] Futures Bright dinner. God I am sooo over lentils!

PS: Mr Mortimer – any news on what you emailed me?

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You were first in the queue when they handed out parents it appears!

No not yet, will be a little while; but will let you know!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hello Fiorella…good to see you again. Consider yourself a celebrity from now on.

And I loved that photograph too. Stunning.


Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Hello Mrs Campbell, I do hope that one day I have the pleasure of meeting you. Kind regards from everyone in the New York office. Kx

Comment by Katerina

Hello Mrs Campbell, I am very sorry you have had to read about my stomach problems in India, but not quite as sorry as I am that I had to read about my stomach problems in India. All the best.

Comment by George

hello mrs c, youre looking as lovely as ever. please dont worry about your son, im keeping an eye on him to make sure he never turns into the person you and your good husband worried about. ab x

Comment by andy @ cynic

Hi ma.

Comment by Jemma King

Good afternoon from Munich Mrs Campbell. You have some splendid looking hedges there. I sometimes use THOSE words but your son was good enough to point out that I should apologise when I do.

Comment by Marcus Brown

What a top Mum you are. Hello to you from me.

Comment by Pete

Hello Fiorella, hope you are well, you certainly look it.

Comment by Wayne Green

I think Mrs Campbell should start a blog!
A wise alternative to Rob’s ramblings!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

what a great idea. how about it mrs c? it could be called mutterings about a mad son.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Hello mum!

Comment by Angus

Hello Mum … and I can say that as I am your ‘true’ child. I know you’re probably very emberassed about all this, but don’t be, it means I’m proud of you. Rx (PS: Hello Angus, hope to hear more from you soon – though I’d understand if I didn’t, ha)

Comment by Rob

maybe its a byproduct of the taj mahal visit or maybe its because its robs mum, but has anyone else noticed no swearing has occurred anywhere on this post despite mrs c saying she could handle it? thats amazing and scary. are you amazed and scared too?

Comment by andy @ cynic

fucking unbelievable andy.

Comment by Marcus Brown


Comment by Marcus Brown

hi rob’s mum!

Comment by lauren

marcus, i like your fuc… no, i cant do it, i have simply lost the ability to swear. i need help, i need help now.

Comment by andy @ cynic

Fecking Hull! Whats in the name of blooming heck is going on here?!

Andy not swearing?

Chuffing Nora…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hello Mrs.Campbell, I work for your son in Singapore and want to say you’re a super mom with a super son.

Have a lovely day.

Comment by Hari

Hello Everybody! Fame at last!!!

Thank you for all your comments. It was a pleasure ‘meeting’ you all. It was a bit of a shock to see my photo (I look as if I was 74 years old – oops, I am!) and my email on line, but I should have known better, being Robert’s mother.

Love to him and to you all and best wishes to people-with-poorly-tummies.

Fiorella x

Comment by Fiorella Campbell

I haven’t read Robert’s blog all week (until today), but I just want to say that your son is a truly great guy, so I’m not surprised at all that he has a fantastic mom.

Comment by Mark

Mark you are too kind – and obviously bored – but I’ll take the compliment because it makes me feel good and makes my Mum feel proud, ha

See you very soon …

Comment by Rob

lovely woman.

Comment by Marcus Brown

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