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Ever Wondered How Much Your Trip To The Loo Costs The Company?
January 25, 2007, 12:38 pm
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 Train Toilet

… then click here

See, you’re literally flushing company profits down the toilet. 

[Especially you Fred … or should I call you Mr-Pee-Alot!?]

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what a brilliant site. where, or should i ask why did you find it?
anyway according to their calculations, my crap is of the same financial value as gold which means every time i go to the loo, a fortune is literally falling out my arse. its the most profitable part of the company.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m surprised you’re so surprised Andy … afterall, as a creative you’ve been producing expensive crap for years. Ha.

And whilst I am no accountant, I do believe your calculations actually show your toilet antics to be the greatest EXPENSE to the company, rather than the most profitable.

Arse … and not a ‘smart one’ at that!

Love Rob x

Comment by Rob

ill get back to you when i can think of a clever retort. oh hang on, ive got one. piss off.
love ab xx

Comment by andy@cynic

Two kisses? I’m honoured and a teensy bit repulsed.

Comment by Rob

given you continually highlight your birds daft comments, they might be the last kisses you ever get

Comment by andy@cynic

Get a room you two.

Now is this comment really from me or is Rob’s computer/blog screwing things up again. Spooky.

Comment by Pete

Da-da-dah-dahhhhhh … Da-da-dah-dahhhhhh …

[That’s supposed to be the ‘Twilight Zone’ music]

Comment by Rob

Mr-Poo-Alot is fine by me. (What goes in must come out).

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Lets face it, where you are concerned … A HELL OF A LOT GOES IN!

Comment by Rob

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