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Bing Bong: An Announcement …
January 25, 2007, 12:41 pm
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There’s something very wrong with my blog at the moment and I don’t mean just the rubbish I put on it each day.

For some reason it’s either deleting comments, putting multiple versions of the comments or … and this is especially weird … saying my comments are from Pete.  [Never Andy, Rob, Northern Planner, Age, George etc … always bloody Pete!]

Because I’m a pedantic perfectionist [even though I look like a slob] I’m re-loading, deleting and changing names throughout the blog … so if you see something that doesn’t quite make sense [excluding my rants, ahem], can you let me know so the nice people at can try and fix it.

Until things are sorted [supposedly a couple of days] this blog is officially ‘CLOSED FOR REPAIRS’ and hopefully when all is back to normal, there’ll be less talk of sausages and more about whatever it is I rant on about.

[I appreciate no one really gives a damn, but it lets me pretend I’m not a total social outcast – which is probably why I set up these alternate blogs]

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talk to the hand

Comment by andy@cynic

Thinly veiled censorship?

Comment by Northern Planner

No … more like dictator endorsed censorship.

Comment by Rob

also known as:
“your call is important to us, please hold the line. you have been placed in a queue and your call will be answered by the next available customer service officer”

Comment by lauren

Hello Lauren, well done on basically saying Rob is the British Rail of blogging. Good call.

Comment by Billy Whizz

hmm.. seems that way.. but i actually meant to lump wordpress in with that lot.. sorry rob

Comment by lauren

Hello Lauren – please ignore Billy, he’s an uncouth yob and WILL BE SACKED IF HE KEEPS INSULTING ME!

Having checked your blog, I see [1] you’re an installation artist and [2] you’re based in Wollongong.

Given I lived in that rather ‘interesting’ place for 6 months [long story] … I have to ask how you get on with your job as it strikes me that Wollongong is not exactly a place that embraces creativity.

I know that sounds harsh … and the surrounding area is some of the most beautiful in Oz … but it just seems a really interesting combination.

Hope you take that in the way it is meant.

Comment by Rob

Was that Rob or Pete?

Comment by Northern Planner

who cares

Comment by andy @ cynic

Pete and Rob.

and Lauren

Comment by Northern Planner

Pete and Rob

Comment by Northern Planner

You’re right, it’s not working properly. I didn’t mean to comment twice.

Rob Mortimer

Comment by Northern Planner

I’m bored, get this fixed soon!

Comment by George

I’m most bored. Andy, done any work this week?

Comment by Marcus Brown

by the way Andy, I tried to find you on skype, and ended up chatting to someone from Saatchi in HK that has the cheek to use you name. Know him?

Comment by Marcus Brown

you will of got the wrong andy because i dont have that skype shit. im not a technolovinwhore so apart from a phone, i try and keep away from everything that emits some sort of signal.

i do know andy in hk.
he once got very upset because rob sent out a story about me and he somehow got it and thought we were slandering him.
all was sorted in the end but it was quite nasty for a bit. it was if he couldnt believe anyone else in the world could possibly have the same name as him, but its hardly like andy is fucking rare is it?. id love to call him a tosser but he was a decent bloke.

i can tell you are bored and i want to be but i have been made to do some work because i did nothing but piss about with your sausage shout so i hope you are suitably sorry.

might be in your area next month so hope we can go and get pissed. rob in a fucking t totaller and george is in mr dad mode so i need someone to make me not feel im a monk. got to go, the bean counter is giving me evils and i swear he eats humans. have a good one mate.

Comment by andy@cynic

Stop blogging.
Start working.

(George made me write this)

Comment by Ian Hart

see marcus, they are all ganging up on me. you owe me.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by .

and i thought i was a comment fiend! sheesh, i’m way behind.

so, rob, or pete or andy, or whoeverthefuck asked, yes, wollongong is beautiful, the beach and landscape is great and it’s not an easy place to be a creative-type. there is a small pocket of renegade creatives who do a bunch of stuff to keep it happening – i used to chair the local artist-led-space here – but it still needs some TLC.

however, i’m originally from melbourne – home of creatives, and will be moving back there real soon, via a trip to london – über home of creatives (or so i’m told, but now i’m not so sure), so quite frankly it doesn’t bother me anymore 🙂

Comment by lauren

You’re from Melbourne … Thank God … I can resort to remembering how fucking weird the place was [more due to my ex-monk / mental hospital guard flatmate I lived with] without upsetting you.

See, I can be a sensitive soul.

Comment by Rob

Hey Charles … I clicked on the link and got something other than a blog slagging off Singapore [ha]

Did you mean this or was it a veiled slagging off of sweets that make you ill/dead?

Comment by Rob

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