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How NOT To Win Ovaltine – Or We’re In Big Trouble!
January 19, 2007, 9:19 am
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Look at this wonderful spoof about an agency pitching for the US Ovaltine business.

It was done by those lovely, talented folks at Cliff Freeman & Partners … and serves as another great example of why they are one of the best at developing incredibly entertaining communication.  [They were ‘Mother‘ waaaaaaay before Mother]

Anyway, when you’ve stopped laughing … spare a thought for me/us, given we’re about to present the REAL Ovaltine Client the brand idea they asked us to develop about a couple of months or so ago. If anyone in that company has seen the clip and thinks it’s a true reflection of how ad agencies go about developing work, I/we are totally screwed. 

Mind you, if the client asks me why we’re not proposing the ‘MC Hammer’ [“It’s Oval-time”] idea that is featured in the spoof – then I swear to God I will murder somone, even if part of me thinks it would be funny to turn a spoof clip into the real thing.

Actually, forget that … I am totally in love with our brand idea … so it’s now down to whether a bloody funny ‘viral ad’ has the power to screw up my day.  Lets hope not – for all our sakes, ha!

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