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Satan Came To Visit …
January 14, 2007, 12:19 pm
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You’d of thought the internet scam artists would be happy they can still us send thousands of dodgy spam emails each day – despite Microsoft, Apple and Norton’s technicians all trying to stop it … however you’d be wrong because some Turkish bloke has gone and hacked into our site and put up a load of anti-America claptrap! [Though bizarrely, the background music is The Animals ‘House of the Rising Sun’???]

Anyway, while this guys say’s he’d like George Bush and his gang to have rather unpleasant deaths … I/we don’t think that’s the real reason … infact, if you ask us, it’s all to do with this man … 

Yes, Borat.

OK, so Borat isn’t ‘Turkish’ but come on … the physical similarities to the clichéd look of a Turkish men is astounding … and if we were betting men, we’d say the prime suspect for this whole episode is the once-famous, always-proud Turkish-bloke, Mahir! [Spot the similarities????]

Now my beloved Jill [who is a computer genius as well as a design Goddess] has somehow managed to get us back on-line – however while our evil IT nerd checks that there are no more ‘nasty suprises’ on the site, can I suggest anyone trying to send/receive work via the cynic FTP, contacts Andy, George, Katerina or myself so that alternative arrangements can be made. Ta.

Oh, I’d like to publically point out that I am not a big believer in karma, so don’t believe this is the Universe’s way of getting me back for my 10 Answers.  At least I hope not.

Finally … to our friendly Turkish Hacker, I leave this for you …

kebab turk

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Evil IT nerd? Hope he reads your blog.
Our IT halfbreed doesn’t and he is a twat

Comment by Northern Planner

You would never say that about our guy [even if was true] because [1] he is the only IT Nerd with bloody big muscles and [2] he served 9 months in prison for being a rather ‘celebrated’ hacker – of which I daren’t say anymore incase all my bank accounts get empted.

Of course he is a great guy. Oh yes. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

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