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Avoiding Death … But Encouraging Social Alienation
December 22, 2006, 1:29 pm
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Strictly speaking I am not on holiday yet so Jill can’t beat me up … however the reason I am cramming in one more blog entry before the official arrival of ‘Mental Season’ is because 3 very nice/clever/daft/bored/drunk [delete where appropriate] people Emily [via Gareth’s site], Diablogue [who know I was begging to be ‘tagged’ really, ha!] and Northern Planner decided to ‘tag’ me.

Now ‘tagging’ means I have to give out 5 little known facts about myself as well as mention 5 other people [with blogs] who I’d like to know more about so I guess you could describe ‘tagging’ as a pyramid scheme for information – which is at least better than cash!

Anyway, the thing is while lots of people have been tagged and put out their ‘little known facts’ – it’s human nature to choose anecdotes that ensures nothing ‘too bad’ is revealed to the World – infact, it’s more than likely that whatever is expressed is carefully crafted to increase the chances of looking funny/clever/mischievous/cool to the masses.

Soooooooooooooo, in a moment of complete and utter drunkenness [even though I don’t actually drink] I’ve decided to turn it on it’s head a little bit.

Yes … yes … I know, it’s typical of me to try and change things abit – and I will continue the ‘trend’ of nominating people I’d like more info on [come on down: Fredrik, Hari, SarahMohammed and Age*] however, what I am proposing is a ‘SELF-RESPECT AMNESTY’ where people can write in and ask me any question they like and I swear right here right now, that I’ll answer them with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – so help me God.

Now I appreciate I was tagged twice so it should mean I have to answer 10 questions / nominate 10 people … but in the interests of minimising my exposure to career-suicide, I have made the executive decision to only answer a total of 5 questions and in the unlikely event I get more than that, I’ll then nominate which 5 questions to answer – with the promise of total, unadulterated, honesty. What do you reckon eh?

PLEASE NOTE: This ‘offer’ is only open till the 7th January 2007 [when I am free from Jill’s anti-communication ‘laws’] so till then, feel free to submit your [no doubt] evilish questions – even though I can’t guarentee an interesting answer! [I’m a crushing bore!] 

So until we speak again – have a top Festive Season and may 2007 be outrageously good for all of you! Ta. 

[Don’t forget to push our Walkman campaign … we need all the help we can get, ha!!]

* Andy, Billy and George – consider yourselves very, very fortunate indeed!

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Brilliant idea boss. My question is how much do you earn? Remember to be honest now.

Comment by Billy Whizz

He’s got you!But since you’re using sophistry to justify going back on your blogging promise, you deserve everything you get. If you could say one thing Andy and then erase his memory so he won’t kill you, what would it be?

Comment by Northern Planner

I need a holiday, my attention to detail os rubbish, try again:
If you could say one thing to Andy then erase his memory before he kills you, what would it be?

Comment by Northern Planner

Haha. Excellent.

What is the most wrong you have ever been about a campaign/planning?

Andy will love that one I guess…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Back in 1996, did you sleep with Amber?

Comment by George

I don’t know if this is the coolest or most stupid thing ever known to be done online.
What is the worst mistake you have ever made in a pitch?

Comment by Pete


Comment by Rob

i am really looking forward to hearing your answer to northern planners question but i have one of my own, and that is whether you have ever had sex in our office? cant believe youre doing this. and they say planners are smart.

Comment by andy @ cynic

oooooh. That’s 6 questions now, and very good ones at that. I was going to ask something sweet about your childhood but I don’t want to let you off the hook you’ve so marvellously forged for yourself. : )

Comment by Emily

Alright … Alright … I’ll answer 10 questions so you can be sweet and ask about my childhood. Lets face it, this is already proving to be a bad idea and I’ll need at least one nice question to help weigh in my odds given the others are all about social suicide.

Comment by Rob

ahh, the power of the internet, shining light into corners best left dark eh? will do up my list Rob, but i won’t be able to compete with your public skewering, and believe me I won’t even try…

Comment by sarah

Happy New Year Sarah – hope you had a wonderful one and you’re fit and well.

I am still hoping that people will be too busy getting over their hangovers to start asking me awkward questions because at this point, I’m doing sort-of OK with what people want to know – even though some of the questions will ensure humiliation or a smack in the mouth.

See you soon I hope.


Comment by Rob Campbell

This sounds very interesting, how brave you are. What I’d like to know is whether you have ever cheated on a girlfriend/wife?

Comment by Jenny Bryant

What have you done Rob,what have you done? Are we up to ten yet? Just in case, have you ever fancied a client?

Comment by Northern Planner

Who is the worst boss/co worker you have ever had, why did you hate them, and at what agency..?

Comment by Rob Mortimer


Comment by Rob

What single event from your working life are you most disgusted with yourself about?

Comment by Petra King

What are you doing Mr Roberto? You are certainly a braver man than I. Then again, seeing vicious little Billy’s question means you could be more stupid than brave. Anyway, as I’d like to keep this entertaining little episode continuing, my question to you is which client have you hated dealing with the most; both as an organisation and as an individual. Toodle Pip.

Comment by Mr W. Green

Nice concept. What do you love/hate/miss/enjoy the most about your life including what you are most proud and disgusted about achieving. Go on, answer that and still be trendy!

Comment by Ed

Ed … Ed … and to think I gave your Mum a Christmas hug when I saw her last week! It’s fast approaching the situation where telling people my salary is the least damaging question – and all this while most people were on Christmas holidays. God help me now people are back at work and will be able to think up more devilish questions. Only 10 get answered though, ha!

Comment by Rob

Stop asking questions!
The more we ask the easier choice he has!!


Hope you didnt worry too much over Xmas Rob! I cant believe that you would have offered this opportunity if there was too much dirt…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I was obviously tired out and wasn’t thinking straight – and now you are trying to get people to STOP asking question … not because you’re nice, but because you are encouraging evil. Just as I would too … ha!

Anyone wishing to ask … please, please, please go ahead! Ha

Comment by Rob

I just want to be part of a legendary moment of comedy in advertising…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I think it’s called ‘advertising car crash’ … ha!

Comment by Rob

Which is almost as stupid as checking blogs while still on holiday! Better go incase my computer has been bugged by Jill! Speak soon

Comment by Rob

I like that muppet bloke in the picture better than you. Guess I stumbled on this entry a bit late. Took me about 2 months to find out you’ve tagged me. Now you know my blogging world is an island where I am waiting for the message in a bottle to arrive.
Surprised you didn’t mention this when we met at The Fullerton last time. Go ahead and click on my name to find out the real me.

Comment by Mohamed Salim

I didn’t mention it for fear of you asking me to answer even more dodgy questions, ha!

Checking you out right now … but did you feel the earthquake????

It scared the crap out of me, but then I am on the 36th floor with a view that buildings aren’t supposed to rock side-to-side.

Comment by Rob

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