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Designers Do Have A Sense Of Humour …
December 11, 2006, 11:25 am
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So I went to a Christmas party at the weekend and there was one of those ‘Pick A Random Present From Under The Tree’.

Even though it was one of those ‘Marketing Parties’, most of the presents were pretty good – infact some people picked gifts they really, really liked [this was before anyone had chosen my ‘donation’ which was ‘Michael Bolton Sings His Favourite Christmas Carols’ CD]

Anyway, when it came to my turn, instead of simply grabbing the biggest pressie under the tree, I acted all mature [yes, it can happen] and picked a medium sized package.

With all eyes on me, I ripped open the wrapping to find that I’d chosen an iPOD protective cover as my ‘gift’.

Not bad … not bad …

Sure, I already had a cover, but with Apple launching iPODs like George Bush launches wars [and me having a medical problem that means I always have to purchase their latest model], I thought it could come in useful at some time in the very near future.

Mind you, as the box stated it held an elegant and practical accessory, I considered just chucking away my current cover and using this one instead  – afterall, I like elegant and practical!

Except there was one problem …

That’s right, rather than finding a cover of style and sophistication, I found a case that best resembled the sort of suit Simon Le Bon would wear in the 80’s. 

What sick and depraved designer would create such a monstrosity?

What sick and depraved idiot would buy such a monstrosity?

What sick and depraved tosser would use such a monstrosity?

… but most of all, what sick and depraved copywriter, would use the words “ELEGANT and PRACTICAL” in their description of this Tiger-striped bit of rubber?

Holy fuck, even Stevie Wonder would stay away from something this ugly – and while I could use it as an ironic statement against societies desperation to always ‘associate themselves’ with aspirational fashion brands [however ridiculous it may look to the outside World] I decided to put it back and give it as a gift to someone I hate – of which I have plenty to pick from.

I suppose it’s no different to agencies like JWT, Grey and Y&R who all say they are creative and then produce complete and utter tat – but at least that is something that I could argue the client ‘deserves’ – this is just a crime against societies eyes!

So to whoever is behind it – 10 points for cheekiness, 0 points for desirability.

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I rarely get the chance to say “I LOL’d for real this time!” but when I read this entry and scrolled down to the pic, I LOL’d for real this time!

Set up beautifully.

Comment by Age

Why thank you kind sir …

And me, a planner, who’d of thought it would be possible eh!

Comment by Rob

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