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Updates On My Time Management Skills.
December 5, 2006, 10:38 am
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Well my beloved became Gareth from ‘The Office’ again which you can read on Jillyism and of course the Give Rob A Job’ petition is still looking for signatures while ‘Advertising Relate’ continues to hand out interdepartmental advice [though in reality, it is still a one-joke blog] … however I also have a couple of new sites for your viewing boredom … I mean pleasure … and these include ‘BSI’ [thanks for the pictures I’ve been sent, I’ll be putting them up shortly and keep them coming] and ‘Mental Moments In Adland’ … so what that means is that all my time is spent keeping the bloody things up to date [which of course I am failing to do] rather than do the work my clients are paying me for.

Some might call that irresponsible … I call it capitalist rebellion. Well, I do till I’m either told off or sacked, then I’ll call it bloody stupid!

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Why your bird stays with you is beyond me.

Comment by Pete

Why does Jill stay with me???

Didn’t you see the photoshopped pic of me on yesterday’s blog? I’m a babe. Unfortunately, of 1974.

Comment by Rob

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