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PR Ruins Lives …
December 5, 2006, 10:40 am
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So Britney and her redneck hubbie have finally fallen apart. 

Not the biggest surprise … and yet, despite all the ‘scandals’ involving Brit [driving with her child on her knee / driving without her child being locked into the baby seat etc] she was definitely seen as the more ‘responsible’ of the parents.

Infact, as the marriage got closer and closer to disintegration, you saw more and more stories about K-Fed being out partying while Brit was being the good Mum and stayed at home.

Now it’s all over … isn’t it funny that this kind, caring, responsible Mum is no longer staying at home with her kids, but going out partying with Ms Home-Porn herself, Paris Hilton!

Hmmmmn, does anyone else think this smacks of a well orchestrated PR smear campaign?

OK, so K-Fed is hardly a ‘victim’ given he ended up with a Ferrari, money in the bank and a few years ‘living the dream’ but it does show that interms of massaging people’s perceptions – good PR [if you can call it that] is far more effective than the majority of advertising out there.

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Considering the stuff she has got up to, I think its clear she has a world class PR team looking after her.

PR is great when done well, and horriffic when done badly.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yep – but when it’s done badly, it rarely has an agency so closely attached to it.

Comment by Rob

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