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A Vampires Favourite Shop …
December 5, 2006, 10:42 am
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I think this is bloody brilliant – a store that sells products that are formulated to benefit specific blood types. Talk about personalisation …

I suppose it is an obvious extension of the World’s approach to ‘getting fit’.  Whereas once it meant getting out and doing something like sport with friends, now it’s all about focused on specific activities like going to the gym, eating specialist foods and now, enhancing our blood.

At this rate, brands like Adidas and NIKE will only make money on their shoes if they focus on fashion and/or gym activities – because we’re entering a World where sport, other than professional, is becoming more and more redundant in our daily lives.

Just Do It?  Just Did It!

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given adidas pay quite alot of our bills, lets hope youre wrong eh rob.

Comment by andy @ cynic

I always think its interesting how Nike claim to have no interest in fashion, where they clearly do. A goodway of focusing the mind of the sports side of things.

Is that not part of the reason why running shoes are more prevalent, they are one of the few areas of sport that also crosses into gym/health activity.

I still think there is a big potential to open up sporting activity to people who want to be fit but dont like the idea of a gym or fitness classes. It will arrive soon im sure of that.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yes Andy – and given you’ve got them paying alot of money based on an idea to get people to wear shoes for physical activities again, you have nothing to worry about.

Yes Rob, I appreciate what you’re saying about NIKE and fashion but I still think that them making shoes that are attractive does not mean they are focused on fashion, more likely that they understand people are less likely to wear their shoes if they look like shite. Do we say FORD are in the fashion industry because their cars have a nice look? OK – FORD is probably the worst example I could give, but hopefully you get the point.

My fave is that people who are about as fit as a lump of lard happily wear NIKE’s either because [1] they’re trying to get fit [2] they’re trying to be fashionable [3] they’re trying to give the impression they are healthy. Eitherway, it would be great if NIKE banned them from buying their shoes for fear of ‘brand damage. I remember at HHCL, we gave away ‘MONEY ON’ coupons [for Cinzano I think] under the guise that we didn’t want the ‘plebs’ being seen drinking it – and if they were, we’d at least get more money out of them. Yes, of course it was tongue-in-cheek [how could it not be] but my god, it didn’t half cause a stir – both in the newspapers and sales.

Comment by Rob

Yeah, I get your point. I do think its more than just making them look nice, but they certainly arent going for a D+G or Armani style fashion approach.

That Cinzano ad must have been good…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’ll try and find it – I am sure it’s on an old reel of mine somewhere – I kept pretty much everything I was associated with, even the World’s worst crossword idea for Time Magazine … the lowest point of my career and creativity, haha

Comment by Rob

Now that I HAVE to see!!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That’s in a place that is safer than Fort Knox, hahahaha

Comment by Rob

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