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Viking Appetites And Metabolisms…
November 24, 2006, 12:12 am
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Anyone who knows Freddie will know he is one of the World’s nicest guys. 

He is smart, caring and a truly wonderful, loving father to his 3 beautiful kids.

Infact, he is one of those all round ‘good guys’ … the bastard!

However there is one chink in his ‘nice’ armour – and that is food, both interms of what he eats and how much of it.

In short, he attacks food with all the gusto of a Viking warrior.  There’s no subtlety, it’s attack, attack, attack.

I remember sitting in an airport lounge with him as he tucked into FOUR bloody ice-cream tubs.  FOUR!!!

And what makes me really sick is that while he eats and remains svelte, I resemble a beach ball that has been blown up to its full capacity.

Above are the TWO plates of desserts he ate tonight.  After scoffing TWO plates of mains. The man is a machine!

There is no point to this entry other than I am weirdly proud [and in awe] of him …

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Is Andy Swedish by any chance?

Comment by Pete

Only in the fact he is the size of the place.

Comment by George B

just because im on holiday doesnt mean im not aware of the shit youre giving me. revenge will be mine.

Comment by andy

Is my blog the meeting place for evil?

Comment by Rob

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