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Woolworths: The Un-Fresh People
November 22, 2006, 12:39 am
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When I was growing up in Nottingham, you went to Woolworths for Pick ‘n’ Mix, 7″ singles or … if you were really lucky … a slightly out-of-date video game.

Infact, the only cool thing about Woolies was their Christmas ads … but that was only because you enjoyed seeing slightly out-of-date telly stars whoring themselves for a last few dollars of income.

So imagine my surprise when I moved to Australia and found there were bloody loads of Woolworths all over the country … and rather than selling plastic crap, they were all supermarkets like Asda and Tesco’s etc etc.

Infact they were so into this ‘food selling’ that their advertising campaign idea was [and still is] WOOLWORTHS: The Fresh Food People.

Anyway I was in Balmain Woolies about a week ago when I looked over and saw what can only be described as an FBI Wanted Picture Board – except it wasn’t an innovative way to capture criminals – it was the ‘Fresh Food People’ themselves.  However on closer inspection, I realised that they weren’t that fresh and too be honest, they weren’t that human looking either – especially the ‘Meat Manager’ who is a pervert-in-the-making if I ever saw one!

I know people can’t help the way they look … but when you say the word ‘FRESH’ – do you really think of ‘mug shots’ pinned up on a GREY board?

GREY!!! That’s surely the shade of death!!!

Come on Woolies … Where’s the colour?  Where’s the vibrancy?  Where’s the fresh? [and no, a couple of shriveled up grapes and a bunch of over-priced cauliflowers doesn’t count!]

Sure it’s a little thing … but in marketing today, it’s no longer about having a brand position, it’s about having a brand experience and for all the years I shopped at that store [purely because of convenience], I can honestly say that never once did I feel Woolworths was offering me a fresher, more natural and wholesome shopping experience.

OK, so maybe some of my views are formed because of my UK experience – but when you are faced with a bunch of uglies like the ones above – do you really feel you are in a place committed to giving you the finest food around? I rest my case.

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Fantastic. Did they know you were taking that photo? It would stop me buying food there on the spot.

Comment by Pete

No they didn’t … but they could hardly complain given some of their lettuce looked as wrinkled as some of their faces and I took a photo of that as well, ha!

Comment by Rob

Harsh but fair I guess.
Woolworths is soooo NSW. We call it Safeway in Victoria. Melbourne FTW!

Comment by Age

Different name, same shit – best exemplified when ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ changed their name to ‘KFC’. Did they really think people would forget the years of advertising saying they’re the purveyors of deep fried, fast food? Their arrogance makes me ill.

Comment by Rob

I heard they changed the name because legally, they can’t called “it” chicken… *shudders to think*
I love an urban fast food myth!

Comment by Age

I think thats just a rumour.
I think it just sounds snappier!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That is a rumour, but KFC in Asia is beyond bad as it’s basically becks, feet and … if you’re lucky … the odd breast. No, I’ve not had any … knowing my luck, I’d be the first person ever to get Avian Flu from a bloody beak.

Comment by Rob

But Teriyaki burgers in Hong Kong are fantastic.
Also, they have waffle like potato things that are infinitely better than the rubbish chips they have here.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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