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Can You See?
November 17, 2006, 10:17 am
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First of all, thanks for the emails of women’s bags – it’s only been 12 hours and I’ve had 64 sent in, so that’s brill. That doesn’t mean you should stop, just saying thanks.

Right, a mate of mine sent me a link to an Aussie Communication Agency ‘SEE‘ – because he felt they were a bit cynicesque in their attitude. [though not as anarchic, ha!]

Anyway, I am very happy to say they are – and bloody good luck to them because the World needs more honesty and bravery in its ad agencies, especially in Australia – where for all the talk, most are still producing bland, unimaginative, sexist, traditional communication ideas that have little or no relevance to the general public.

Anyway, the weird bit is that SEE are part of the Photon Group [a mini-WPP which will probably be bought out by a big-WPP] and that company was joint-founded by an old boss of mine who said I was his most troublesome employee EVER. 

How bloody ironic that an individual is called ‘troublesome’ but a company is called ‘a good investment’.  I’ll have to chase him up on that – because underneath it all, he was a nice guy. Anyway, check them out, especially their blog – it’s really good.

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SEE were independent. They sold out to Photon a few months back.

Comment by Stan Lee

the only reason we didn’t sell to tbwa or wpp is because our mob would murder us after we set up the place as the betty ford clinic for the disenfranchised ad person. death beats money. just.

Comment by andy

Apart from the fact you are on holiday so shouldn’t be checking emails, let alone ‘blogging’ … I seem to remember you were actually quite keen to take the money and run, ha. Saying that, once you thought of your imminent demise, you changed your mind.

Comment by Rob

sssssh, she who must be obeyed is having a shower. and as you said, i came to my senses. see you in 4 glorious weeks, no doubt it’s all falling apart without me but my brilliance will get us back on track.

Comment by andy

You cock 🙂 … and according to George, since you went on holiday, everyone is much happier, especially the clients, haha. Have fun my son, despite it all, you deserve it.

Comment by Rob

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