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Pollution Causes Embarrassment …
October 31, 2006, 10:26 am
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sun burn

I absolutely love this story over on Fredrik’s site … it shows the genius of the Chinese and the stupidity of the Swedish.

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What a brilliant story. That is up there with the best that’s happened to you Rob.
Your habit for mayhem seems to be rubbing off on others now, God forbid.
To coin Jaques, you are an infectious fucker, you could prbably start a World War with that power.

Comment by Pete

Hahaha, oh dear…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Given Fred works with me, maybe I am incredibly powerful. If only I could get George W to sign up, maybe I could save the World!

Comment by Rob

Rob, you are infectious indeed. Thankfully, that’s almost exclusively a positive thing. But I shall hold you accountable for my unilateral, right-sided facial paralysis and violently cancerogenic burn.

I also feel I should point out that in choosing the photo for this post, Rob, you seem to have confused a gorilla’s leg for my arm. The picture above is not a photo of my arm!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

at least you have a tan which is probably quite rare for a lily white swede

Comment by andy @ cynic

You’re right Andy. I do have a tan now albeit of a strikingly partial kind. I guess feeling like Sylvester Stallone with rampant malignant melanoma shouldn’t be a big deal when you consider the benefits of a tan. After all, I can now feel truly unique in imaginary crowds of Swedes here in South East Asia.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

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