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Lights, Sound, Action!
October 30, 2006, 9:53 am
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Why are fireworks so magical?  Why do they continually attract ‘Oooooh’ and ‘Ahhhhhs’ regardless of the age?

Go on, admit it … you want to hear some don’t you?! 

Well, wishes DO come true because if you click here, you can experience a small slice of the fireworks that took place in Singapore recently.

Isn’t it weird that the full ‘firework’ experience requires colour and sound in unison … if you only have one element, it makes the whole thing either scary, or naff.

What do I mean?

Well, the noise of the fireworks last night was enough to scare the dead … but because there were loads of pretty lights attached to them, it meant no one was worried George Bush had decided to invade. 

However, when there’s only the lights that are shining – it can come across like some sad, 70’s Variety Show [as demonstrated by the staircase at the Westin Hotel, Shanghai – click on the visual below]

What does this prove? 

Absolutely nothing … it’s a blog for christsakes, it’s more about ego than meaningful expression!

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