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Big, Bad Burger. Again.
October 18, 2006, 5:26 pm
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Another hotel … another burger …

This time it’s at the outrageously expensive Gansevoort Hotel in the Meat Packing district of New York City.

What amazes me is that for a hotel that used to be in an area of NYC that

[1] dealt in meat

[2] was a neighbourhood that was NOT where you wanted to hang around in

[3] was a cheaper area of NYC [admitidlly a long time ago]

… it is amazing they can charge US$45 for a burger which – if truth be known – was smaller and less tasty than the one I wrote about at the Westin Hotel Sydney.

Still, as you can see below … it achieved the same result – but then it was after an 18 hour flight and hour drive into the city.

The more I think about it, the more my Healthy Hunger idea, makes sense. 

Hell, corporations should definitely get behind it … it could help reduce the chance of their overworked, overstressed execs having heart attacks – which inturn, reduces the chance of them having to pay out millions of dollars in health or death insurance. 

God, all this thanks to my facination of hotel burger eating … how sad am I? [don’t answer that]

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