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September 27, 2006, 3:27 pm
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I love the fact that in Singapore, companies show almost no imagination in their naming strategies – they just seem to follow a standard, simplistic process [probably mandated by the Government] … 

[1st Word]                         A word that represents a positive statement.

[Subsequent Word/s]        What your company fundamentally does/produces.

Infact, I’m surprised Singapore Airlines didn’t name themselves SUPERIOR Singapore Airlines  – but then knowing the mentality of the place, they probably think ‘SINGAPORE’ is the most positive word in the entire English language.

Anyway, I wait with baited breath till the Army is renamed ‘Forceful Fighters’, the Navy become ‘Brilliant Army On A Boat’ and the Police get known as ‘Occasionally Used, Always Outstanding Crime Solvers’.

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At least you get to be in charge of Super Advertising Agency..

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That depends if you’re talking about cynic or the WPP lot, haha

Comment by Rob

The WPP lot are now known as

Fantastic Global Advertising Agency.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

God no, don’t ever think or say that or Andy and the mob will never hire you!

Comment by Robert

Well, not like they are going to use a subtle term now is it 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You know them so well!

Comment by Rob

I wonder…

Time for a quiz: guess the agency:

Outrageous Advertising Agency USA
Mini Parental Advertising Agency UK
Creativitatious Small Global Agency
Mega Super Mental Advertising Agency

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You are too good at this ‘big words, small meaning’ stuff – planning needs you!

Comment by Rob

Thanks 🙂
Still no guesses though!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Hmmmm, OK …

Cliff Freeman [though those great days are over] or possibly Cripin’s


Cynic [though it’s probably Weiden’s!]

99% of all the Multi-National shops

Comment by Rob

Ooh, well done!


The fourth I made up just to see what you’d say!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

See … I’m an old fart which is why I got them. Love the idea of making the last one up … what would you have said?

Comment by Rob

Probably Grey, trying to cover up their previously dull name…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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