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When Military Go, Errrrm Good?
September 25, 2006, 12:28 pm
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Thai people are lovely people … warm, caring and loving.

Only they could have a Military Coup where the public run for their cameras [to photograph the nice, smiling soldiers] rather than run for their lives.

If only all ‘battles’ were like this eh!?

Anyway, check these photos out …

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I think we need to get some Thai soldiers running the US government…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Quite … their version of terrorism is to feed you excessive ‘sticky rice and mango’

Comment by Rob

“Full? Well have another bowl…MUAH HA HA HA!”

I could live with that…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

What we really need is to get some Thai soldiers running BAV at Y&R. At least that give people a reason to think about it.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

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