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Acne Is Big News!
August 30, 2006, 6:43 pm
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To those of you out there that think the ‘Sunday Sport’ is the most un-newsworthy newspaper in the World … check out this front page from a Singaporean paper.

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you are forgetting the sunday sport used to pay your wages and they sent you the worlds most disgusting poster in life sized glory so don’t diss them especially as they never claimed to trade in real news.

Comment by Andy @ Cynic

don’t forget the sunday sport used to say your wages many moons ago and they sent you the worlds most disgusting life sized poster ever so dont diss them especially as they never pretended to trade in real news in the first place

Comment by Andy @ Cynic

2 posts for the price of 1 … you’re either feeling generous or showing your lack of IT skills again Andy. Yes, the Sunday Sport DID pay my wages but it also paid yours too – don’t forget that Mr Boucher.

Comment by Rob

There was one famous one here:

“Local Man Dies of Natural Causes”

or what about:

“Forest Lose” …doh, no wait!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Forest are top of their division … sure it’s the 3rd division but we’re still top and if we lose on Saturday, not only will it be your fault, but I’ll tell Russell (another sad Forest fan) and we’ll set up just for spite, ha.

Comment by Rob

I know! Hence the doh!
Im almost glad to see a turn around after the sad decline after the Clough years.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Did you hear that The Daily Sport is coming back under the leadership of Loaded’s James Brown …

Comment by Lee McEwan

i like you even more lee, this news allows me to tease campbell all over again.

Comment by andy@cynic

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