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The Economy Is On The Move …
August 28, 2006, 11:17 am
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UPS Truck

This is from Jabr-Woky’s wonderful blog …

According to UPS on any given day they have two percent of the world’s GDP in the back of their UPS delivery trucks and/or cars!

Now if we assume DHL and FedEx can claim similar figures, that means upto 6% of the World’s GDP is handled by 3 companies every-single-day. 

Can you imagine what would happen if they all decided to go on strike at the same time? 

Not only would it affect the global economy, but for certain countries it would probably cause more damage than any war or act of terrorism. 

This begs the question: If this situation occurred, would Bush invade these organisations because they represented a serious threat to America and the World? 

To have that level of power in the hands of just 3 companies [or should I say, in the hands of the Unions that represent the people of those companies] is amazing – and is surely the perfect storyline for the next superhero flick.

Just a thought ….

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If you include the fact that (I believe UPS) one of those also owns cash delivery firm Securicor; which delivers most of the cash in the uk (and maybe US)…

I also doubt Bush has any qualms about invading anything.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Spoken like a true Bush hater – I knew there were lots of reasons I like you!

Comment by Rob


Can’t argue with that one. I think Cynic should do my idea, and hold a huge party on 21st January 2009 to celebrate him never ever being able to run America again.

Regardless of left/right politics, and regardless of your stand on terrorism and wars; he has been a terrible President.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

magic idea rob – we will definitely do it even if 2 of our clients are US government departments. then again i like a roof over my head – maybe we do it quietly if that is possible.
hows the petition going? been flying more than rob so don’t know where we’re at. are planners decent blokes or fucking slackers?

Comment by Andy

Excellent. I hope its somewhere I can get to!
Im happy to try and organise it with your backing if it gets the old paymasters off your back!

Not much on petition front, I was waiting til it got over 20 before I started mentioning it on my site, but I might do so to try and give it a kick!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Andy, you have more money than all of us, since when has putting the rest of us in financial despair bothered you eh?

Lets do the party – hell, most of the Government clients would probably want to hols something like that themselves.

Mr Mortimer, put GiveRobAJob on your site, we’re about to put it on all our emails – it’s time to ‘ramp it up’.

Comment by Rob

Good plan!
I’ll add it when I get back after work 🙂


Comment by Rob Mortimer

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