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Effective Advertising Or Pile Of Old Poo?
August 8, 2006, 8:49 am
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Alright … so I am being a teensy bit sarcastic, but the reason I say this ad could be effective is because when I saw it, it stopped me dead in my tracks.

OK, so it stopped me because it is a pile of shit, but hey … with most ads tending to wash right over me, you could argue this one is far more effective because at least I noticed it.

Of course, if you did argue that point of view, I’d have to give you a right good kicking but as per normal, I am getting totally off the point I want to make.

“So what’s that then?” I hear you cry.

Well, you’d think an ‘ad’ like this could be [or should be] the final nail in the coffin for the agency that did it … but in this case, it’s the work from their newly appointed agency, DDB.

Now this surely begs the question …  what the hell was their pitch winning strategy if it ends up producing work like this!!

Could it be …

1. Making Technology Relevant? 

2. Making Technology Sexual? 

3. Making Technology Pointless? 

Hmmmmm … I’m not really sure … but what it does seem to prove is that despite what many companies may say, many change agencies for financial, rather than creative reasons – which ultimately demonstrates that they see little or no value in the power of creativity or customer engagement.

Bit of a problem that – for companies and for agencies.

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DDB? Hurhurhur.

I wonder if I’m a ‘victim’ of those “financial” reasons. Tell you more the next time we meet.

Comment by Celeste

DDB did that?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Celeste … looking forward to catching up when I’m back in town [next week I hope] and Mr Mortimer … DDB did that shite – Bernbach must be turning in his grave!

Comment by Rob

Did you see that in the UK?

Comment by Ben

Don’t worry Ben … only in Singapore … so the UK reputation can still continue. For now.

Comment by Rob

Ben … do you do international work or is it mainly UK based?

Can you let me know when you have a chance.

Thanks mate.

Comment by Rob

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