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The World’s Gone Lazy.
July 25, 2006, 9:03 am
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I was at a florist recently [because I am a nice guy, not because I did anything wrong, thank-you-very-much] and she asked whether I wanted ‘Scented’ or ‘Unscented’ flowers.

When I asked what she meant, she told me that because many people don’t like the ‘scent’, they cultivate varieties with no smell at all.

For some reason, this really surprised me but I guess it shouldn’t. We’re a World obsessed with convenience and personalisation – even if it means making the natural, un-natural! 

Now I can appreciate this is great marketing – but I can’t help feel we’re becoming a bunch of self-important prima-donnas. 

There are people out there who happily pay a massive premium for an orange simply because it has been peeled for them.  Come on … who is sooooo busy that they can’t spend 60 seconds taking the skin off it? 

Alright … alright … I can sort-of see the point of that [though why no one has created ‘anti-orange smell wipes’ or ‘orange-peel-proof nail varnish’ is beyond me] but what about those ‘fruit-infused waters’?

It’s 30 degrees, you’re thirsty, you want to be abit healthy [or at least feel like you are] so what do you do – yep, you purchase a bottle of mineral water that doesn’t taste of water and has more sugar content than a can of Coke!  Why?  Is it because there’s a massive consumer base who hate the taste of water?  Apparently!

We’ve got stamps that taste of fruit, robot dogs, bananas with no curve, phones that let you text by voice, tomato ketchup that comes out green … it seems all of our quirks, however weird, are being catered for in some way or another!!

Finally, if further proof was needed about just how lazy we’ve all become, there’s the 30 year old bloke who, in just 3 years, became a millionaire simply by picking up miscellaneous items [like milk, fags and pizza] for people who couldn’t be arsed to get off their sofa – even though it cost them a 10 quid premium on each and every item.

At this rate, I guess it is only a matter of time before the human race ceases to continue and we slowly devolve back into dinosaurs – albeit ones that have vegetation that comes in various flavours.

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