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The Orphan Banana.
July 20, 2006, 3:16 pm
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I saw a single Banana in Starbucks today and he looked so lonely …

Was he missing his better looking [straighter?] mates or was he curling up to keep warm? 

Don’t worry, he’s alright now. He’s in my tum!

Interestingly, if our yellow friend wasn’t on his own, I probably wouldn’t have wanted him. 

Maybe greengrocers should only ever have one piece of fruit/veggie on display, because then they’ll appeal to the otherwise Fruit-Phobics.

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Its an interesting idea.
Being on it’s own signifies that everyone is eating them, that they are popular and tasty!

I wonder where else this could/does work?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

A friend of mine once had an ice cream client who had launched a massive TV campaign to promote a new product.

Problem was the client couldn’t get the product in-store in time so everything was going to be an absolute disaster.

So what did my mate do?

He got ‘SOLD OUT’ stickers sent out to every retail store to put up – so consumers thought, “WOW they must be popular” and awaited the ‘new stock’ with greater anticipation than they would have otherwise.

Sure, it is ‘stretching the truth’ but I thought it was a brilliant idea and showed how people want what they can’t have.

Comment by Rob

Relevant for you is how Sony have used short-stocking to ensure hype and demand for their consoles over launches and Christmas periods.

By artificially limiting supply they create frenzied demand… whether that is fair is questionable, but its worked for sure.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I can’t comment … hahahaha!

Comment by Rob

Of course not, but I think its a good example of that idea. I suppose its just as fair as pretending only one banana is left; just on a bigger scale!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Isn’t it great we can have this discussion about a banana – maybe Andy is right about us planners. [See his comment on ‘All Advertising People Are Wankers]

Comment by Rob

Isnt it just, and we havent even got onto the Quo yet!

I havent been able to listen to the soundbyte yet, though im sure its either comically exagerrated or scarily accurate!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

The sound quality is awful and for some reason, Jill sounds like a London Wideboy but whether what she say’s is ‘Exagerrated Or Accurate’ depends on your perspective of ad people.

Abit like Quo …

Some think they are musical geniuses [Well, someone must] where others think they’ve been bashing out the same song for 782 years.

Comment by Rob

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