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Work Is A Four Letter Word …
July 14, 2006, 9:38 am
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This is a genuine story as detailed by Scamp on his blog.

It is bloody scary and whilst I don’t know what the Account Director said to upset the client so much, it does show how many companies treat their staff as a commodity rather than as a human.

No wonder so many employees feel zero loyalty to the place they work – and with CEO’s and Clients like this, who can blame them.  Disgraceful.

J****, an account director at our agency, was in a meeting last week when the client nipped out and called our agency’s chairman to say: “I want this guy off my business. Today.” The chairman sent his PA into the meeting and pulled the account director out, and then fired him.

Within 10 minutes of the client’s call, J**** had left the building.

To think I joined this business ‘cos I heard it was fun …

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[…] To think I joined this business ‘cos I heard it was fun…“Show your support for the guy who got canned. That’s not right. Diplomacy always wins. Or at least it should. See the story also at Rob Campbell’s blog. (The logo is from Wikipedia. It’s for the Polish Solidarity movement, AKA Solidarnosc. GREAT logo. One of my favorites…) […]

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What seems to be sad is that some of my mates who I told this story to, weren’t that disgusted by it.

Mind you, they all work at the Multinationals and always have – so I guess evil is sort of ‘bred into them’, ha!

Comment by Rob

Oh man, this is the second case I heard this week. Advertising, I heard…is scary.

Comment by Celeste

Don’t worry Celeste – there is no job security anywhere anymore and on the bright side, it’s still a damn site more fun than working in a bank PLUS you can wear what you like and – depending on the agency – sit in an office with a caravan, a slide or a trampoline in it.

Did that make things better?

Comment by Robert

[…] realize that the client is also in charge of staffing. See the story also at Rob Campbell’s blog. On the logo: I got the original from Wikepedia and did a trendy little 3-D-ization to it. […]

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