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What 72 Hours In Memphis Does To You …
June 30, 2006, 10:11 am
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DURING: Spend a number of hours in his Graceland Mansion surrounded by the weirdest people this side of a Jerry Springer show.

AFTER: Good Evenin’ Y’all ….

We now live on a diet of fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches … wear clothes littered with Rhinestones … and spend days working out why Elvis made such a lasting impression on the World when ultimately, he was just a singer of other people’s songs.  [That statement will sooooooooo annoy the missus, ha]

OK, it’s more than just how he sang the songs … it’s also was how he presented himself … but still, the fact that he induces a level of support most artists today would kill for – DESPITE BEING DEAD FOR ALMOST 30 YEARS – is quite astonishing!  I mean, you don’t see millions making ‘pilgrimages’ to Mozart’s house do you – and in some ways, he was the Elvis of his day!!

After much debate, I put it down to the fact that along with great management [and yes, his natural talent] Elvis came onto the scene at a ‘tipping point’ of cultural, social and economic revolution … a point where millions were desperate to rise above the prejudice, poverty and control that ruled all aspects of their lives.

So many people talk about brands like NIKE, Virgin and Innocent having great consumer adoration … and they do … but compared to Elvis, they haven’t got that much to shout about.  I mean, how many brands would still be loved, celebrated and purchased at ever increasing levels THIRTY YEARS after they ‘left the building’?  

Success is not just down to product functionality – it’s about vision, passion, action, charisma – so I am greatful there’s still some brands and agencies out there who are happy to continually prove the ‘functionally-focused, consumer-irrelevant, management-consultants’ wrong. I never thought I’d ever say this, but THANK GOD FOR ELVIS! 

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Or, as my favourite Goldie Lookin Chain track (about wanting to die to get famous) says:

“Jesus Christ was nailed to some wood, 2000 years later book sales are still good”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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