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Brand [Mis]Behaviour …
May 29, 2006, 2:53 pm
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I was going through some old clips I found on my computer and I came across this 'moment of weakness'. []

Whilst Cass is probably not that happy to be making a fool of himself on a Global scale, [Sorry Cass] it does is raise the rather interesting question of 'when does it become cool to be sad?'

Think about it, we live in a World where each aspect of our image is carefully cultivated [conciously or not] and yet, there are times when we cast it all aside and make complete tossers of ourselves.  Hell, Cass is one of the most 'image concious' people I know – he normally wants to be the centre of attention because he is doing something cool, not because he is impersonating David Brent from The Office!

Sure, it could be about societies quest for fame or infamy … and to be fair, Cass did do this with a 'closed group of people' … however, it is still interesting that in certain circumstances, people will happily 'let go' of who they are and embrace a moment of uncool because by some weird logic, they believe it makes them appear even more cool. [Check out if you still need convincing]

If you have any examples of things you've done or seen, I would love to hear them as well as any thoughts on why, how and when this happens.

PS: No alcohol was used in the filming of this sequence, but unfortunately a career was damaged in the process.

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does this count?

Comment by russell

Russell – you are single handidly causing me stress in my relationship.

First there was Dollywood but now my other half has seen your Valentine’s Message and is begging for her own version. [As if dressing in an Elvis wig on her birthday wasn’t enough!]

Saying that, your little ‘ode to your wife’ is very sweet and proves what I’ve always secretly known … that us East Midlanders are the Casanova’s of England.

Comment by Rob

Knowing Rob and having now seen Russell in action, I would think twice before traveling to the East Midlands.

Needless to say, I wasn’t quite as moved by this as my wife who almost shed a tear while telling me how romantic this was and how happy Russell’s wife must have felt.

(Off the record, I think this was a fantastic performance with great entertainment value. And I can honestly say that even if I am writing this on the day after a night of “Singapore Idol”)

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Fred – you’re Swedish – romance for you is shagging an elk then jumping into an icy lake.

Comment by Robert

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