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Will Ugly Be The New Posh?
May 24, 2006, 4:26 pm
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I was walking past a 2nd hand shop and came across these wonderful pieces of history.   Boy, has the mobile phone evolved – if mankind was developing at this rate, we'd all be able to fly, not grow beer bellies and have full heads of hair!

Anyway, it reminded me of a time when I was working with IKEA.

We had this theory that because IKEA were allowing the masses to own the sort of 'fashionable furniture' that once was only the domain of the 'rich' … they were inadvertently getting the 'wealthy' to start buying more and more outlandish furniture because they had an inherent need to never feel like [or be mistaken for] one the 'average' class. 

By proving this [well, proving it to a certain extent] we were able to produce one of my/our favourite campaigns 'Wealth Means Shit Where Taste Is Concerned' and it got me wondering whether we will ever see the day where this phenoemon will translate to mobile technology.

Sure we have overpriced, super-simplistic [but made from precious material] Nokia – whoops, I mean VERTU phones – but with even these becoming more and more common [especially in Asia where people will get long term loans to buy this sort of 'status' item] will we get to the point where the rich seek out uglier, heavier and larger phones simply to ensure they are acknowledged as not being 'average'?

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